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SMOP in Depth: Advance possibilities (Part 2)

May 19, 2020

Carestream Dental is hosting an in-depth series where you can learn how to improve your implant outcomes by using surgical guides with the help of SMOP. SMOP is a prosthetic-driven implant planning module that features patented guide design technology and seamlessly integrates with CS 3D imaging software. Swissmeda, a trusted Carestream Dental partner, developed SMOP to improve treatment efficiency and ensure optimal results in implant surgery procedures, which benefits dentists and dental technicians while minimizing steps in the workflow. This webinar series is designed to teach how SMOP helps clinicians confidently plan implant cases while providing a customizable guide for advanced surgery techniques.

Participants will learn:

• Basic understanding of the benefits and utilization of a surgical guide

• How to ensure proper alignment of matching or stitching on STL and VOL/DICOM

• How digital planning makes a difference

• Best principles on acquiring good date from surface scanners

Duration: 1 hour CE= 1 Presenter: Hugo Patrao


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