Oral Health Group
Continuing Education

Soft Tissue Grafting and Management Workshop

April 13, 2019
Toronto, ON (Venue TBD)

Speaker: Dr. Paul Jang

Course Description:

Successful and predictable outcome in implant dentistry is heavily dependant on clinicians understanding and ability to manage soft tissue. Common mistakes and difficult to manage problems such as early bone graft and membrane exposure, graft shrinkage and failure and unforeseen infection can all lead to an unwanted outcome. Dr. Jang will review proper steps to ensure such problems are avoided and to achieve successful outcome from flap design, incision, graft insertion/stability and suturing technique. Two of the most important soft tissue techniques available (free gingival grafting and subepithelial connective tissue graft – still the Gold standard) for natural teeth and implants will be discussed in a step-by-step fashion and demonstrated during the hands-on session. Other contemporary techniques such as tunneling, pinhole and VISTA will also be discussed.

Audience: Dentists

Key Learning Objectives:

– Incision designs for posterior and anterior esthetic zones
– Papillae preserving incision (how to prevent papillae shrinkage and loss)
– When and how to raise a full and partial thickness flap
– How to make periosteal release for proper tension free closure of surgical site.
– Stabilizing bone grafting material and membrane (technique and materials)
– Soft tissue grafting techniques: free gingival and subepitheilial connective tissue grafting
– Review of suture materials and techniques
– Proper use of histoacryl glue (Periacryl glue) for graft and flap management
– Use of allograft material (acellular dermal matrix) and xenograft material (collagen membrane) as an alternative to donor tissue for soft tissue grafting: pros and cons.
– Management of complications: early and late graft/implant failures
– How can concentrated growth factors (CGF/PRF) can be utilized to aid in successful outcome


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