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Soft Tissue Grafting For The General Practitioner

November 29 - November 30, 2019
Nobel Biocare Oral Health Centre, UBC

Soft Tissue grafting is now a necessity in various stages of a dentist’s treatment plan.

Soft tissue enhancement prior to Orthodontic treatment or Prosthodontic rehabilitation offers a safer and more stable long term result. Bone grafting surgery sites are poorly planned without the existence of strong keratinized gingiva. The benefits of having resistant keratinized tissues around implants and implant supported crowns are well documented. Root coverage procedures allows you to offer your patients different options to address root sensitivity, aesthetic concerns, abfractions and abrasions.

This course introduces the participants to various aspects of soft tissue grafting and periodontal plastic surgery. Topics covered will include autogenous connective tissue grafts (CTGs), autogenous free gingival grafts (FGGs), utilizing allograft materials from the market, pedicle flaps, etc. An emphasis is placed on treatment planning and patient selection criteria through evidence based lectures and handouts. There will be two live demo surgeries by the Course Mentors on their patients along with the opportunity to practice various grafting techniques on animal mandibles.


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