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Successful Single Visit Endodontics on both Vital and Non-Vital Teeth: Increase Success While Increasing Profits: Dr. Garry Bey

March 10, 2017
Patterson Dental 104 Cross Park Drive Pearl, MS 39208

Dr. Garry Bey teaches an evidence-based technique for performing root canals in one visit with greater success and more profit than a multi-visit procedure. The advantages of one appointment endodontics are many, including less post-operative pain, fewer emergency visits and greater patient satisfaction. This hands-on course is designed for both general dentists and endodontists who wish to provide successful single visit endodontic treatment for their patients, on both vital and non-vital cases. Endodontic diagnosis, quick and effective anesthesia, the creation of a glide path, and the management of curved and calcified canals will be outlined. Advanced nickeltitanium rotary instrumentation techniques utilizing heat treated twisted files in a stress related adaptive motion will be demonstrated. EndoVac apical negative pressure irrigation will be discussed in detail, a key part of successful single visit treatment. Warm vertical compaction of gutta percha will conclude the course. A new cordless, power driven, obturation unit will be showcased. This exciting multi-media program covers solutions and suggestions on how to treat straightforward and complex endodontic cases in one visit, as a well as a hands-on workshop designed to enhance the clinicians’ practical skills.


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