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Surgical Crown Lengthening For General Practitioners

October 05, 2019
University of British Columbia Vancouver, BC (Meeting & Workshop Room TBA)

Fractured teeth with sufficient root support can often be rescued by a combination of surgical crown lengthening and prosthodontic rehabilitation. Treated anterior teeth for better esthetics also often requires surgical crown lengthening.

The focus of this lecture and hands-on program is to provide general practitioners the necessary background information and practical training using animal mandibles to perform surgical crown lengthening procedure. In the didactic section of the course, the following topics will be covered:
• Surgical anatomy as it relates to crown lengthening surgery
• Surgical instruments needed to perform the procedure
• Indications, contraindications and alternative approached to surgical crown lengthening
• Surgical crown lengthening in the posterior dentition
• Anterior crown lengthening surgery
• Postoperative care

• Manage full thickness flaps needed for surgical crown lengthening
• Apply principles of osseous surgery
• Understand and apply the principles of the biological width required for ideal
restorative work
• Practice suturing techniques using single interrupted and continuous sutures
• Apply surgical dressing


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