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The General Practice Restorative Update 2018 with Dr Stace Lind

September 29, 2018
HOMEWOOD SUITES BY HILTON 618 Applewood Cres. | Vaughan, ON

In every clinical setting there are bumps in the road, some large, small, or ‘slowdowns’ which alter our time efficiency, decrease profitability,
and can alter each patients ‘value’ in our delivery of care. From the simple procedures of seating a crown, quality recording of preparations,
deciding when to endodontically treat a tooth to the recommendation for an implant, when to bond versus when to prep for a crown? How to
bond teeth stronger and simplify our day to day restorative care and have our work look natural and undistinguishable from those around it. These are all clinical challenges we face every day. Making better choices and providing better dental care while decreasing the clinical challenges, will make each day better than what was happening
prior to such knowledge. Making choices based upon ‘evidence based’ studies and clinically proven materials, methods, and techniques makes all the difference in reducing the speed bumps and smooths out the highway for efficient clinical practice. Prepare for a wonderful lecture that will carry right into your clinic the next day you work.

Any dentist or staff who desires more information on current concepts by understanding the options for treatment; creating value for the patient when presenting their treatment plan.


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