Oral Health Group
Continuing Education

The Golden Era of Root Canal Instrumentation

February 22, 2019
Toronto, ON (Venue TBD)

Course Description:

In 2011, reciprocating instrumentation was reintroduced to Endodontics. Due to its simplicity of use and the lack of procedural errors during cleaning and shaping, it has gained tremendous confidence and acceptance among dental schools, General Dentists and Endodontists worldwide. With new metallurgy and technology to improve the performance of NiTi instruments, “The Golden Era Of Root Canal Instrumentation” has just started and will continue changing the way we perform root canal therapy for years to come.

Audience: Dentists and Specialists

Key Learning Objectives:

– Understand the advantages of different alloy treatments in endodontic files
– Understand the advantages of a single file NiTi system
– Understand the objectives of canal instrumentation and how to achieve these objectives with a single NiTi file system based on research
– Understand the advantage of a single file system in preparing root canal systems without procedural errors
– Understand the advantages of core-obturation materials for 3D obturation of the prepared canal space based on the “best evidence possible”


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