Oral Health Group
Continuing Education

The Value of a Patient Experience Management Program in your Practice – Toronto, ON

November 15, 2019
Toronto (Venue TBD)

The Patient Experience Management lecture includes all best practices, to help you plan, design, and react to everyday patient interactions. It has the power to increase patient satisfaction, loyalty, and acceptance of your services so you can exceed patient expectations. This lecture will give you the tools for the implementation of a successful Patient Experience Program in your practice.

Key Learning Objectives:

– What is the definition of Patient Experience and Patience Experience Management?
– Understanding the secret to building an excellent Patient Experience
– How to recognise those issues, both experiential and clinical, that are affecting patient retention and acceptance of treatment plans?
– Understand the connection between rational, emotional, subconscious, and psychological patient experiences and why they are essential
– Evaluate those details that most practices overlook
– Understanding the problems and pitfalls you will face
– How to get the team involved?
– How successful is your brand?


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