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Treatment of Post Endodontic Disease

June 07, 2022

Seminar Topic: Treatment of Post Endodontic Disease

Speaker: Dr. Sam Kratchman

Course Description:

The retreatment of root canal failures provides unique challenges. Many times, the canal has been transported and/or the survivability of the tooth is jeopardized due to the removal of excessive amounts of dentin during the original root canal procedure. Procedural mishaps, especially perforation, can present a particular challenge. Successful treatment requires a thorough understanding of the causes of failure, the prognosis of each possible approach to treatment, and technologies and materials that allow us the best possibility of biologic success as well as maximum potential for survivability of the tooth. This presentation will discuss the causes of failure and the theoretical strategies for success. New technologies will be presented that allow us to disinfect the canal maximally with minimal destruction of the remaining tooth structure. Where retreatment is deemed to be too dangerous or the prognosis is not good enough, surgical approaches with new bioceramic root repair materials will be discussed.

Audience: Dentists

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize the causes of root canal failures
  • Understand the theoretical approaches to successful retreatment
  • Select strategies that are best suited in each case for maximal success
  • Demonstrate how new technologies and materials produce a higher potential for successful retreatment
  • Outline the sequencing of perforation repair when deemed appropriate


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