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Treatment Tools to Maximize Accelerated Orthodontic Treatment Outcomes – Dr. Sam Daher, DDS, M.Sc. FRCD(C)

October 13, 2017
Toronto - Ontario

DC Institute presents a Fall Speaker Series featuring – Dr. Sam Daher, DDS, M.Sc. FRCD(C)
Seminar Topic: Treatment Tools to Maximize Accelerated Orthodontic Treatment Outcomes

Orthodontics is an exciting and continually developing field, with major advancements being made as recently as the past five years. There are numerous new technologies that are increasing efficiency and reducing time spent with orthodontic equipment. In this course on accelerating orthodontic treatment you will learn how to accelerate the movement of your patients teeth by using some of these new technologies with both fixed and removable orthodontics appliances. Dr. Daher will guide you through the process of safe acceleration of bone remodeling, and the tools technologies that support it.
Learning Objectives:
• Understanding the concept of bone remodeling and its benefits to orthodontic treatment
• Identify patients that would benefit from bone remodeling treatments, both in simple cases that need to be accelerated, or in more complex cases that require extra care.
• Apply these new orthodontic treatments and patented devices to treatment plans and complete full and partial cases.
• Explain to patients the shortened times required for orthodontic treatments in both adolescents and adults with a decreased number of adjustment appointments.

Dates: October 13- Toronto
Time 8:30 AM – 10:30 AM
CE:2 (Lecture, Category 2)
Subject code 370
Audience: General Dentists & Specialists
Fee: $549 + Applicable Tax


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