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Two Lectures: 1) The New Periodontal and Peri-Implant Classification System: What You Need to Know, 2) Implant Maintenance The Entire Dental Team Must Know

May 02 - May 01, 2020
Instructional Resource Centre (IRC) 2194 Healh Sciences Mall The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC Meeting Room TBA

Session 1 – The New Periodontal & Peri-Implant Classification System: What You Need to Know (Morning: 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM)

It is now estimated that over half of the North American population suffers from some degree of periodontal disease. In fact, this number is considered a gross underestimation of the true prevalence as it represents patients who actually see dentists for care. Such ,staggering numbers point to the importance of the dental team’s role in one’s oral and overall health. Now more than ever it is the responsibility of not only the dentist but also hygienists and auxiliary staff to properly identify and establish accurate diagnosis of the various periodontal conditions that exist in our practices to ensure supervised neglect is not occurring.

Recently, a new classification system has been implemented across the dental field which has changed the foundation by which we diagnose our patients in an effort to improve communication within the dental team and elevate patient care/outcomes. With periodontal disease control and maintenance programs being considered the cornerstone of successful dental practice, it is a must that any provider involved in patient interaction be up to date on these pertinent changes.

This comprehensive lecture will review the important updates of the new classification system and distill the information into a user-friendly fashion to aid in creation of a diagnosis and coincident treatment algorithms.


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