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Upcoming Webinar: Reporting and the Importance of the Daily Huddle

July 10, 2019

What if you could improve your practice’s production efficiency and your profitability at the same time?

Join us to learn how you can improve your staff’s efficiency and be more profitable through reports and most importantly, daily morning huddles, or mini-meetings, with your team. Learn how your practice management software can help you easily prepare for this meeting. If you’re not currently doing a morning huddle, this webinar is for you! Topics to be discussed will include:
• Who should be involved in the morning huddle meeting and what should their roles be?
• What topics should be reported on and discussed at these meetings and can reports be customized?
• Tips for building the routine of a Daily Huddle meeting
• Other reports that benefit the practice on a weekly and monthly basis and how to automate them.
This webinar is for Dentists and Office Managers who want to learn best practices and insider tips from an experienced Dental Business Manager and take a glimpse into how the Practice Management Solution, Dentrix, can help you achieve a more productive practice.


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