Oral Health Group
Continuing Education

Voiceworks – Webinar by Dr. Samuel B. Low

December 01, 2020

Want to utilize prized hygiene time more productively? Searching for a quality resource for “what’s new” in perio systems and technology especially in the area of voice hands free perio charting? Then take the frustration out of delivering periodontal care and gain success with patient case acceptance, tooth retention and financial reward. We will empower the team to new heights beyond the prophylaxis by perio discovery.

Learning Objectives

  • Gather efficient data in a timely manner to determine risk and prognosis
    that achieves positive case acceptance
  • Utilize voice activated perio charting to educate patients as to their perio needs
  • Create strategies and implement an oral hygiene product market center
  • Create effective flow systems from new patient to maintenance
    that are seamless adaptable for both fee for service or third party reimbursement


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