Oral Health Group
Continuing Education

Women’s Dental Conference

September 20 - July 21, 2019
Old Mill Toronto 9 Old Mill Road Toronto, Ontario M8X 1G5

The Women’s Dental Conference is a unique opportunity for female dentists and dental personnel to engage, connect, learn and discover valuable insights to industry practices,
and important issues relevant to women’s health and wellbeing. The modern woman in today’s professional world is striving to smash through glass ceilings while still being expected to run a busy household and provide care for family members. The tremendous amount of pressure associated with this lifestyle is building, and therefore our life choices must suit our professional careers and family requirements. Our hope by joining us
at the Women’s Dental Conference is that you will gain useful knowledge on how to improve managing it all, leaving you feeling energized and empowered.

Daniele Larose DDS- The Three Most Important Techniques You Need to Know To Boost Your Aesthetic Practice
Meghan Jansen MSc- Dear Stress, Let’s Break Up!
Jaimee Morgan DDS-Put a Sparkle in Your Patient’s Smile & In Your Practice With Tooth Whitening
Linda Gooh-RCRT/RAC- Stressflexology- Interactive Workshop based on Self-Reflexology
Kary Odiatu BEd,BPE, Certified Trainer/Nutritional Consultant- Energize Your Life!
Tris Resendes & Brenda Taylor- Purpose, Passion, People: The Key to Great Leadership
Jaimee Morgan DDS-Mastering Posterior Direct Placed Composite Resins


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