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The Worn Dentition 2 Day Symposium – Gold Coast, Australia

September 29 - September 30, 2017
Mantra Legends Hotel, Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, AUSTRALIA

THE WORN DENTITION two day symposium highlights the latest views on diagnosis, prevention, restoration & rehabilitation for managing patients presenting with dental erosion, attrition & abrasion. Three presenters discuss cases of moderate and severe toothwear that are increasingly encountered in day-to-day dental practice, considering diagnostic, preventive, management and direct and indirect conservative restorative approaches. This two day symposium will be held on the Gold Coast in Australia. The event is presented Professor Ian Meyers, A/Professor David Thomson, prosthodontist and Dr Farid Khan, each bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise. The presenters will discuss developments within their field as well as clinical and patient management approaches they take in their own practices. As with all Queensland Dental Group conferences, events and courses, no product or external company sponsorship is permitted to allow all presenters to provide their unbiased views and preferences. Detailed event information is available through the event website or alternatively email the CE team ce@qldentalg.com.au


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