B.C. Man Accused of Selling False Teeth Made of Clay

A man accused of making false teeth from modelling clay says a petition filed against him by three dental regulatory organizations in British Columbia is cruel and unnecessary.

Matthew Block says in a B.C. Supreme Court document filed by his girlfriend that he has already informed the petitioners he will never again offer any dental-related services.

“Mr. Block has never lied to the petitioners or the courts. Therefore it is unreasonable to assume he will not keep his promises,” Christina Taylor says in the response to the petition.

The College of Dental Surgeons of BC, College of Denturists of BC and the College of Dental Technicians of BC went to court last month in an effort to stop Block from profiting from the service that was advertised online.

Court documents alleged Block placed a Craigslist ad saying the false teeth he made were a “long-lasting, safe alternative” until customers could afford a dentist.

Each handmade tooth cost $100, according to copies of the ad filed with the petition.

Taylor said she placed the ad and that Block took it down 11 months before the petitioners contacted him.

“The petitioners wanted to publish Mr. Block’s name on their website and Mr. Block felt that was unfair,” she said.

Block said in an emailed response that he doesn’t understand why an affidavit by a private investigator was filed 11 months after he was visited at his apartment.

Block says the ad was only on Craigslist for a short time.

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