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CHX Technologies and MCI Medical Clinics announce strategic partnership to deliver better oral health with Prevora starting in 2017

CHX Technologies (CHX) and MCI Medical Clinics (MCI Medical) have agreed to jointly promote and improve better oral health to older Canadians in MCI’s 28 medical practices, starting in 2017.

MCI Medical will provide a new preventive oral health service called Prevora, a new topical antibacterial tooth coating for adults at high risk of dental decay.  MCI staff will also provide patient education and community outreach about how to manage the bacterial infections which cause poor oral health.  Those adults at risk of poor oral health include those with diabetes, arthritis, autoimmune disorders or mood disorders, or those taking several prescription drugs per day for other chronic diseases.  CHX estimates that more than 1 in 3 of its older adult medical patients are at high risk of poor oral health.

“Medical research increasingly points to poor oral health, as an important contributor to overall health problems, including heart disease, stroke, certain forms of arthritis and perhaps even dementia” said Dr. George Christodoulou, CEO of MCI Medical. “We expect many of our older adult patients will benefit significantly from Prevora’s proven abilities to manage their oral infections topically, painlessly and affordably.  This new oral health service is very safe and very effective, and because it is available in the doctor’s office, will also be convenient for our patients” noted Dr. Christodoulou.

“The delivery of Prevora in a medical practice has many advantages for those with poor oral health” said Ross Perry, President of CHX. “Older adult Canadians are commonly without dental insurance and many avoid visiting the dentist because they fear expensive surgical procedures.  But these same high risk patients do visit their doctor and will learn from their medical team how Prevora will improve their oral health. Prevora is affordable because it prevents the oral bacterial infections which can lead to cavities, crowns, root canals, extractions, dentures and implants” added Mr. Perry.

The partners will announce further details of this new oral health care service in the coming months.

About Prevora: This topical antibacterial tooth coating is the only approved and proven procedure to prevent the need for dental surgery in Canada and Europe. In high risk patients experiencing lots of dental decay, Prevora prevented 70% of cavities over one year. Prevora is applied to the teeth with a small brush by a hygienist in a series of short, painless visits.  It is consistently voted as the most preferred oral healthcare service by adults.

About CHX Technologies: CHX is a specialty pharmaceutical company which is committed to improving oral health in aging communities in North America and the European Union using novel partnerships with independent hygienists and dental therapists, medical practitioners and corporate dental chains. CHX manufactures Prevora, which has been approved by Health Canada and the European Medicines Board. In 2017, CHX expects to file a new drug application for Prevora with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

About MCI Medical: It is one of the largest primary healthcare delivery medical groups in Canada, caring for approximately 800,000 to 1 million patient visits each year.

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