2005 Self Learning Assessment (December 01, 2004)

SLSA wishes to recognize the financial support of COLGATE PALMOLIVE CANADA, without which the Program could not have been made possible.

SLSA 2005

Self Learning/Self Assessment 2005 will commence in the January 2005 issue of Oral Health. The format will continue to be four items per month for 10 months, followed by a 15-question quiz in the November 2005 issue.

SLSA 2004

Dentists who wish to obtain C.E. credits for the 2003 SLSA Program are reminded that the completed Quiz Card must be returned to Oral Health by December 31, 2004.


SLSA updates general practitioners in new and practical methods in order to enhance patient care.

SLSA would like to thank the general practitioners and specialists who have acted as consultants to the Program.