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7 Sure-Fire Tips To Convert Dental Prospects Into Patients

March 31, 2019
by Grace Clark

Most dental practices don’t dedicate enough and appropriate efforts on converting their prospects into patients. Dentists spend thousands on revamping their practices but rarely have a proper plan in place to convert the prospects into patients. These seven super tips are sure to help you convert your dental prospects into patients. Let’s take a look:

1. Connect Right From the First Call
If the first call by your new patients doesn’t go well, they will probably never return. If you notice that your front desk is getting abundant calls but only few are converted into appointments, it’s time you evaluate your introductory approach. You can start with preparing a pitch to the new customers and train your receptionist for the same. A warm and friendly tone can encourage the caller to talk more freely about his or her needs and increases the chances of a positive response. The better and the more informed is the response from your end, the greater are the chances that the prospect will be converted into a patient.


2. Have Dedicated Resources
Nobody likes to be put on hold or go through multiple steps to talk to a person. If you notice this happening at your front desk, it probably means that your staff is struggling with multi-tasking. In such a scenario, you can consider hiring dedicated staff for handling all the calls. This staff is exclusively trained to handle calls, keep track of appointments and follow patients throughout and after their treatment. If you lack space or other resources to do this in-house, you also have the option of hiring a company which provides call-center services for dental clinics.

3. Train Your Staff
Your staff is a vital aspect of your clinic’s reputation. One of the best investments you can make is educating your staff to handle patients. This comprises providing them the correct information, addressing their fears, handling their appointments as per their schedules, educating them and informing them about any offers, discounts or benefits of loyalty programs you may have. The attitude and behavior of your staff can make or break your patient base.

4. Use Your Marketing Resources Wisely
Know what marketing resources are best suited for your dental practice and how can you make them work for you. Email newsletters, website and social media platforms are some of the most rewarding options if used wisely. The good old ‘word-of-mouth’ marketing can also prove beneficial since your patients are your biggest marketing asset. Encourage your patients to recommend you to their friends and family through rewarding referral programs. Also remember that you need to consistently market to your prospects and patients.

5. Focus on the Benefits not Services
One common mistake a majority of dentists do is that they sell services and not benefits. Patients are more interested in knowing how they can benefit from your services rather than gaining sterile knowledge about how hi-tech your services are. So instead of telling your patients about how contemporary your new equipment is, focus on marketing how your patients will benefit from that equipment. Benefits provide patients with reasons to come to your dental clinic.

6. Concentrate on Offering Continued Care
A comprehensive examination for your new patients lets you set them up for great care on a long-term basis. Such efforts also demonstrate your commitment to providing them with excellent care and add value to your relationship with them. Follow ups are also important. Your patients are more likely to recommend you if you offer them genuine care throughout and even post their treatment. So, build a strong foundation for providing continued care to your patients.

7. Study Your Competition
Know what your competitors are doing and offering. Learn about the prices that they are offering. Dental services can be expensive and hence, often patients are looking for good deals, which meet their needs and budget. Try and know about the type of services your competitors are offering. If they are more patient-oriented, you may learn a thing or two from them about converting prospects into patients and retaining them.

Almost every prospect can be turned into patient if handled correctly. These seven tips are sure to help boost your customer base. So go ahead and implement them as per the nature of your practice.

About The Author
Grace Clark, is a dental marketer at Dr. Michael G. Long DDS, Fresno, CA and a believer in holistic health, Grace lives by the rule that health and happiness go hand in hand. She writes on various dental topics focusing on healthy living and holistic health. When she’s not working or blogging, she enjoys spending her time with her family and volunteering at the local youth centers. She educates children about the importance of health and fitness.

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  1. Saniya Patel says:

    Amazing post and also great suggestions! All these 7 super tips are very beneficial for me and other dental doctors also. This is the perfect blog for anyone who want to know how to converting their prospects into patients.

    Thank you for sharing such a nice information.

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