70th Annual Winter Clinic

Friday, November 9, 2007

Metro Toronto Convention Centre, South Building

The Toronto Academy of Dentistry 416-967-5649 *www.tordent.com

A Hands-On Experience


The Toronto Academy of Dentistry, a respected leader and resource to the dental profession in the Metropolitan Toronto Area since 1890, is dedicated to enhancing the professional lives of its members through guidance, education and service.

The Winter Clinic is the place that you will find exciting new products, learn vital new information and enjoy novel presentations and demonstrations.


Where We Are and Where We Are Going? — Dentistry at a Crossroads

Asbjorn Jokstad, DDS, Ph.D. Toronto, Ontario Evidence Based Dentistry

David Mock, DDS, Ph.D., F.R.C.D.(C) Toronto, Ontario Dental School Can be Fun! Dental Education in Canada

Irwin W. Fefergrad, BA, BCL, LLB Toronto, Ontario Internationally Trained Professionals


Gerry Ross, DDS Tottenham, Ontario The Use of Low Level Laser for Pain Relief, Wound Healing, Nerve Regeneration and Muscle Relaxation in Dentistry

Michael Holmes Toronto, Ontario Is Risk a Four-letter Word?

Sara Solomon, BSc, DMD Toronto, Ontario George Chaker, CPT Toronto, Ontario Dentistry: A Pain in the Neck… and Back

Neal Kravitz, DMD, MS Chantilly, Virginia Temporary Anchorage Devices: The Future of Orthodontic Interdisciplinary Treatment

Dani Botbyl, RDH, Clinical Educator Welland, Ontario Contemporary Ultrasonic Instrumentation

Amber Brown, MD Barrie, Ontario Revolutionary Aesthetic Procedures… New Opportunities


Visit these informative Hands-on Presentations on the Exhibit floor!

ABELSoft Corporation Clinical Practice Enhanced Through Technology

Clinical Research Dental Supplies & Services Inc. TBA

Confi-Dent TBA

Dentsply Canada Ltd. TBA

Global Microscopes — Newfields Posture Performance Possibilities See The Difference In 2 Uniforms TBA

Innova Corporation New Alternatives for Crown & Bridge Implant Restorations

Kodak Dental Systems Digital Demonstration

Nexgen Lasers Inc. HydraFacial: The Complete Skin Station

Nobel Biocare Canada Inc. TBA

Obtura Spartan Endo And Endo Restorative Mini Clinics

Pro-Art Dental Laboratory Limited Smile Design

Shaw Group of Dental Laboratories Jan Walsh Caricatures


Dr. Paul Homoly, CSP Charlotte, North Carolina Making It Easy for Patients to Say “Yes”

James Dunn, DDS Loma Linda, California Conservative Aesthetic Dentistry in an Extreme Makeover World

Dani Botbyl, RDH, Clinical Educator Niagara, Ontario A Unique Workshop: Hands on with the Cavitron Ultrasonic System.

Gregory J. Folse, DDS Lafayette Louisiana Geriatric/Special Needs Patients: When, Where and How to Treat

Howard Tenenbaum, DDS, Dip Perio, Ph.D., FRCD(C) Toronto, Ontario New Insights on Common Oral Conditions… Treatment vs Prevention

Karen Davis, RDH, BSDH Richardson, Texas Creating the Ultimate Doctor-Patient Hygiene Exam and Its Not What You Say… Or Is It?

Dale A. Miles, BA, DDS, MS, FRCD(C) Diplomate, American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology Diplomate, American Board of Oral Medicine Fountainhills, Arizona Digital X-ray imaging: Making Sense of Your Sensors “Magic Shadows”: Visualization Replaces Interpretation — Cone Beam Imaging for Dentistry

Maria Ryan, DDS, Ph.D. Stony Brook, New York Clinical Applications for Host Modulatory Therapy

Neal Kravitz, DMD, MS Chantilly, Virginia Interdisciplinary Treatment with Temporary Anchorage Devices: A Collection of Case-Reports for the Restorative Dentist

Uche Odiatu, DMD Toronto, Ontario Worn Out and Hypersensitive! A Fresh Look at Erosion and Abrasion

Laurie Slater Toronto, Ontario The Evolution of Dental Treatment… an Endangered Species or Survival of the Fittest

John A. Khademi, DDS, MS Durango, Colorado Endodontic Access, Cleaning, Shaping and Obturation

Reena Talwar, DDS, Ph.D. Toronto, Ontario Implant surgical planning — the Nobel Guide System

Robert Cowie, DDS Jacksonville, Florida What They Didn’t Teach You in Dental School About Impression Materials and Techniques

Steven C. Steinberg, DDS Skokie, Illinois A Paradigm Shift in Modern Management of Dental Caries — an Evidence Based Approach

Harvey Taub, DDS Toronto, Ontario

Jack Gryfe, DDS Toronto, Ontario The Three “W’s” of Referral: What, Why and When

Ken Anusavice, Ph.D., DMD Gainesville, Florida Tips and Tricks for Extending the Survival Time of Dental Restorations: Criteria for Placement, Replacement, and Repair

Avoiding Crown and Bridge Failures by Systematic Observation of Lab-processed and Previously Failed Ceramic and Metal-Ceramic Prostheses

Robert L. Vanarsdall, DDS Philadelphia, PA Update on Ectopically Positioned Teeth

Interdisciplinary Treatment with Special Emphasis On Orthodontics and Periodontics



Dr. John O’keefe Ottawa, Ontario


Dr. Arthur Conn, Dental Advisor Medical Devices Bureau, Health Canada

Dr. Paul Santerre University of Toronto Toronto, Ontario

Dr. Bernie Teitelbaum Dental Industry Association of Canada Toronto, Ontario

Shady materials: There’s more than meets the eye. You trust scientists to generate ideas for new materials and test them through rigorous research. You trust responsible manufacturers to convert these ideas into quality products that perform as well as you expect them to perform. You trust government and professional regulators to put safeguards in place to reduce the risks inherent in placing these materials in the mouths of your patients.

Is your trust in these processes well founded? Despite all the safeguards in place, knock-off products still find their way on to the Canadian market and some dubious suppliers sell materials that are not approved for sale in this country. Should you care about the risks posed by these products? What should you look out for to avoid this type of trouble? Sponsored by American College of Dentists.