A summary of interesting sites for our readers to browse (June 01, 2000)

www.noah.cuny.edu/ dental/dentistry.html

‘Ask Noah’ is sponsored by the New York Hospital and Cornell Medical Centre. It provides a fact sheet about oral hygiene.


A multi-tasker’s dream and an ideal virtual secretary.


A Website teaching preparedness and prevention, preventing accidents, being prepared for unexpected emergencies. Also includes a home safety guide, safety gifts. Designed to enhance safety practices in healthcare and industrial work environments.


This site represents more than 400 luxury brokerages worldwide. Whether it’s a private Caribbean island or a Paris mansion, the site delivers fantasy properties of every shape and size.

www.nih.gov/nia/ health/pubpub/ teeth.htm

An aging population can find information specific to its needs at the National Institute on Aging’s ‘Age Page’: Taking Care of Your Teeth and Mouth.

www.aerie.com/ nohicweb

This is the homepage of The National Oral Health Information Clearinghouse.


A ‘must’ bookmark or all do-it-yourself stock pickers, according to Forbes magazine. Market Guide supplies all the data used by many top sites including Yahoo, Schwab and Forbes.com.

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