A summary of interesting sites for our readers to browse (December 01, 2000)

If you know of a site your colleagues would find informative, send the information to:

Catherine Wilson, Managing Editor, cwilson@corporate.southam.ca

or fax: (416) 442-2214


Law and literature go hand-in-hand, but before you publish the next great thriller, submit your manuscript here for help with everything from terminology to real-life cases to use as models.


The Web browser scene may be volatile but this handy site has the latest news about and links to the latest versions of all known Web browsers.


This site specializes in providing royalty-free video clips in Quick Time format. Easy to search for, preview and download. Categories range from science and business to aerial and underwater shots.


When you are thinking of buying a ‘big ticket’ item this site will link you to dozens of reviews from technical and popular magazines.


Not as intimate as a good book, the computer can’t be beat for data storage. Microsoft Reader lets you read electronic books that you purchase and download over the Internet. You can place bookmarks, highlight text or annotate a passage.


A comprehensive, consumer-oriented online medical resource dedicated to providing credible, mainstream information. Designed to be a ‘one-stop’ destination. Content supplied by more than 50 leading physicians in Canada and the U.S.


This site will keep you abreast of just about everything to do with the who, what, when, where and sometimes even the why of just about every type of performing art.