A summary of interesting sites for our readers to browse (May 01, 2000)


This site is your gateway to newspaper and other related media organizations’ Internet sites. Includes Canadian and US dailies, selected international papers, weeklies, business papers and alternative press.


Feed is a hybrid of old-fashioned magazines and the BBS-style community. This site considers itself an aid in sorting wisdom from raw info, signal from noise.


This site provides relevant news and information to professionals in the radio, television, newspaper, Internet and educational realms.


Time on your hands? Sandbox is a leading provider of Internet-based sports and financial games with a community of more than 2 million registered members. Games include fantasy sports, salary cap games and stock market simulations.


This site allows you to keep track of your favourite sports teams by downloading schedules to your Palm, Visor or IBM WorkPad.

Oral Health welcomes your submissions to Crossing the Web. If you know of a site your colleagues would find informative, drop us a line with the Web address and a brief description. Send your suggestions to Catherine Wilson, Managing Editor: cwilson@corporate.southam.ca or fax: (416) 442-2214