A summary of interesting sites for our readers to browse (February 01, 2000)

www.sna.com/tdic/ members/Forms.htm

Tools to help manage and reduce liability risks. Site includes forms for documenting key aspects of the doctor/patient relationship.


ZDNet’s ‘download’ site.


Like its paper counterpart, this site caters to the venture capital and startup communities. It offers daily, original business technology news, analysis and research.


A Website for more than 70 agencies in the U.S. federal government that produce statistics of interest to the public.


A valuable resource for information on conferences and much more in the United Kingdom and Europe.


Includes categories for ‘encyclopedias and almanacs’ and ‘academic directories and tools.’


A site exclusively for healthcare professionals that provides information on bed-and-breakfast accommodations and vacation home rentals between members.


“Hard-core news for nerds” is what you’ll find here. The site is organized into eight sections and covers a range of topics including specific companies, technology and the media.


This travel supersite features maps, photos, advice and a ‘quick fare finder.’


A search engine that handles statistical questions well.

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