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Better than fingers or swabs

June 1, 2005
by Dental Practice Management

Tampa, FL–Baby Buddies, Inc recently introduced its new dentist-designed Baby’s 1st Toothbrush (also known as Angel Brush) that will help parents care for an infant’s often neglected gums and first teeth.

The dentist-designed Angel Brush is soft, pliable and molded entirely of silicone, with a unique H-shaped head that is filled with tiny soft bristles to clean all sides of top and bottom teeth at the same time. As recommended by pediatric dentists and often neglected by parents, properly cleaning an infant’s teeth and gums helps remove sugars and bacteria that can lead to future decay.


“There is nothing else like the Angel Brush on the market,” said owner Phil Krause. “This product is gentle, safe and effective, and much easier to use than cotton swabs and fingers to clean gums and teeth.”

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