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2019 Cellerant Best of  Class Technology AwardThe 2019 Cellerant Best of  Class Technology Award has been acknowledged as the most prestigious and coveted award that a dental manufacturer can receive. It is the only award of its kind, as it is covered by every major dental journal in North America.

It is selected by a panel of the most prominent technology leaders in dentistry: Paul Feuerstein, DMD, technology editor for Dentistry Today, John Flucke, DDS, technology editor for Dental Products Report, Marty Jablow,
DMD, known as America’s technology coach, Pamela Maragliano-Muniz, DMD, editor-in-chief of Inside Dental Hygiene, Chris Salierno, DDS, editor-in-chief of Dental Economics, and Lou Shuman, DMD, CAGS, CEO of the Cellerant Consulting Group and founder and creator of the award.

Over the course of each year, the panel members seek out and conduct research on potentially practice-changing technologies, with deliberations on nominees and final voting taking place in February. Panelists are precluded from voting in any category where they have consulting relationships. The entire selection process is rigorous, unbiased, nonprofit, and transparent.

Dr. Shuman states “the award now in its 11th year, is to provide the dental community awareness of the most innovative products available, and to inform the dental manufacturing community of what experts consider to be the leading technologies in their space.”


3 Shape


3Shape TRIOS MOVE+3Shape TRIOS MOVE+ is one of three hardware setup options for the TRIOS intraoral scanner. TRIOS MOVE+ now features a larger 15.6” touchscreen attached to an arm and elegant, easy-to-move stand with a mounted PC. Dentists can easily move and position the TRIOS MOVE+ as well as use its touchscreen as a canvas to design and discuss treatments with patients. TRIOS MOVE+ helps to drive patient involvement and case acceptance in conjunction with 3Shape Excitement Apps like TRIOS Treatment Simulator and TRIOS Smile Design.


Bausch Articulating Papers, Inc.

OccluSense by Bausch

OccluSense by BauschOccluSense®, developed by Bausch, combines the traditional and digital registration of the pressure distribution on occlusal surfaces. The patient’s masticatory pressure distribution is being recorded digitally in 256 pressure levels and the data is being displayed with the OccluSense® iPad App. The 60-micron-thin color-coated pressure sensor marks the occlusal surfaces and facilitates the assignment of the recorded data. The recordings are being stored in the patient management system of the iPad app and can be reviewed or exported any time.



iOptima INT

iOptima INTThe iOptima INT electric handpieces system is incredibly versatile and enables you to perform all your dental operations — restoration, endodontics (including WaveOne®), oral surgery, implantology, and scaling. Fully integrated into your dental unit, the iOptima INT system guarantees optimal space savings and ensures that your working area is fully operational. The iOptima INT system can be controlled either using an iPod touch or an iPad mini. The refined ergonomics and user-friendliness of these tablets will enable you to focus on what matters most: the patient. In addition, the numerous pre-programmed customizable sequences of the iOptima INT application will make your treatments considerably easier.



Tornado X 5-Year Warranty Handpiece

Tornado X 5-Year Warranty Handpiece60 years of know-how and passion is the secret that leads Bien-Air Dental today to offer exceptionally reliable products. In celebration of our 60th anniversary, the Tornado X is equipped with a 60-month warranty. The Tornado X handpiece is outfitted with Accu-Chuck PreciPlus, a revolutionary technology that assures a staunch clamping of the bur, eliminating all vibrations and granting the Tornado X unequaled stability and comfort, as well as Cool Touch safety conveniently integrated into the head’s push button. This patented anti-heating technology is designed to maintain the instrument’s head at a safe temperature, thus significantly decreasing patient burn injuries.


BlueLight Analytics


BlueLight Analytics CheckUP

Is your curing light as effective as you are? checkUP is the world’s first smart curing light measurement system. Not only does it monitor the output of your lights, but automatically calculates curing times based off of the materials used in your practice. No need to go searching for your material IFUs. Our app keeps them updated and conveniently stored in one place, giving you the right curing times for each material. Cure with confidence using checkUP from BlueLight Analytics.


Carestream Dental

CS 9600

Carestream Dental CS 9600The CS 9600 features break-through innovations that enable users to produce high-quality images, whatever their level of experience. Video cameras, not lasers, provide live positioning feedback on the built-in SmartPad. Interactive guides are superimposed
onto an image of the patient’s face so users can properly position them; this aids in capturing accurate scans the first time, as well as with repeatability. Additionally, the CS 9600 includes patented metal artifact reduction algorithms—CS MAR—that lead to better image quality and even lets users compare images live with and without a filter for more confident diagnoses.


Dentsply Sirona


Dentsply Sirona PrimescanEasier and faster than before, more accurate than previously possible – all describe Primescan, the new intraoral scanner from Dentsply Sirona. With its completely new, patent pending digital impressioning technology Primescan enables high-precision digital impressions to be taken of the entire jaw, presenting numerous possibilities for users. Primescan was designed for various digital workflows – with the laboratory directly in the practice, with CEREC or in cooperation with external partners. Validated interfaces noticeably simplify the process, offering dentists the flexi-bility they desire. CEREC Primescan is your perfect starting point into digital dentistry. With flexible options that complement the way you work, CEREC can expand your treatment possibilities from single-unit crowns to implant, orthodontics, sleep therapy and more.



Titanium by KaVo

DEXIS Titanium by KaVoThe DEXIS Titanium sensor delivers extraordinary image quality for confidence in diagnosis, SMART features for advances in workflow, and sustainable durability for peace of mind. This new sensor captures high-quality images with improved tissue contrast even at lower doses. DEXIS Titanium incorporates SMART motion detection — make a gesture with the sensor to initiate image capture without touching your computer.The sensor refined the DEXIS award-winning features such as the TrueComfort™ design of the PerfectSize™ sensor that allows for quick, comfortable placement. DEXIS Titanium is engineered to eliminate failure of hardware, thus, we offer a unique unconditional replacement warranty.




exocad ChairsideCADFor the first time, exocad’s ChairsideCAD provides clinicians with the freedom to choose the best hardware and software for their single-visit dentistry practice. Derived from the renowned DentalCAD platform, which has been a signature solution within the dental laboratory marketplace for over a decade. All exocad products including ChairsideCAD have dentalshare, a robust, open collaboration tool for doctors and labs. The key benefit of exocad’s open architecture software is that 3rd party manufacturers’ products, data, libraries and services are easily integrated. Now, dental practices can easily add an IOS with CAD/CAM and develop expertise at their own pace.


Garrison Dental Solutions

Composi-Tight 3D Fusion

Composi-Tight 3D FusionGarrison’s new Composi-Tight® 3D Fusion™ Sectional Matrix is engineered to successfully complete a wider variety of Class II composite restorations. This comprehensive kit includes three varieties of separator rings, five sizes of matrix bands, four sizes of interproximal wedges and a ring placement forceps. Composi-Tight® 3D Fusion™ is indicated for use in posterior Class II MO/DO, MOD and wide preparation restorations. The new Composi-Tight® 3D Fusion™ system draws on Garrison’s more than 20 years of sectional matrix leadership to produce their most comprehensive and easy to use system. The three-ring system consists of a short (blue), tall (orange) and dentistry’s first wide preparation (green) separator rings. All three incorporate Garrison’s exclusive Soft-Face™ silicone tips for flash reduction and Ultra-Grip™ retention extensions that eliminate ring “spring-off.”


Henry Schein ONE

TechCentral OmniCore

Henry Schein ONE TechCentral OmniCoreNo more à la carte IT network equipment and services. TechCentral, by Henry Schein One, now provides OmniCore™, the all-in-one dental office network solution that includes all essential network IT hardware, services and support needed to run your practice for one low monthly cost. As an IT solution relatively new to the dental industry called, “hardware as a service”, rather than incur the cost to purchase and support your networking hardware TechCentral retains ownership of it, so they take on the responsibility of maintaining, updating or replacing components automatically as they become out-of-date.


Ivoclar Vivadent

Bluephase G4

Ivoclar Vivadent Bluephase G4Bluephase® G4 is an intelligent LED curing light thanks to its Polyvision™ technology that helps clinician ensure a more effective polymerization of light-cured dental materials. Polyvision alerts the clinician if they move the curing light probe away from the tooth while curing and dynamically adjusts the curing time to compensate for the movement. Polyvision is like a vehicle’s lane departure warning system because it helps the clinician keep the curing light probe focused on the tooth for more effective polymerization of the dental material. Bluephase G4 also features Polywave™ technology, which provides a broad wavelength spectrum of 385-515nm, which allows the light to cure all dental materials on the market today.


LED Apteryx

XVWeb + 3D

LED Apteryx XVWeb + 3DXVWeb utilizes cloud technology to deliver state-of-the-art clinical image storage, optimization and analysis as a cost-effective subscription service. The new XVWeb 3D module adds support for accessing, viewing and securely sharing CBCT and STL datasets via any compatible web browser in real time. Requiring no downloading of data for image manipulation or enhancement, XVWeb 3D allows practices to access their clinical image data 24/7 from compatible web-connected devices. All 2D and 3D image interactions can be performed via the web, utilizing a full suite of online image enhancement and annotation tools. Visit www.ledapteryx.com for more info.


Liptak Digital Inc.

DDS Rescue

Liptak Digital Inc. DDS RescueThe DDS Rescue system is a full backup and recovery system that, when placed in an office, takes hourly backups of your complete server, not just selected files. It validates the backup, encrypts the data, and tests for Ransomware. We monitor the system 24/7. When your server cannot run your network, the DDS Rescue system does — all in under 30 minutes, guaranteed. In addition, we have now added a full HIPAA-compliance program that manages your complete compliance program, including the required enterprise-level risk assessment of your full network.


MMG Fusion


MMG Fusion ChairFillStop worrying about how to fill your Schedule. CHAIRFILL is the game-changing technology that will maximize your practice growth by optimizing your schedule.
ChairFill automatically tackles:
1. “No Shows”
2. Missed opportunities from the “Unconverted Lead” pile
3. and the practice’s gold mine, your
“Unfinished Treatment Plans”
You set your goals, like targeting your highest profit procedures or building your hygiene practice, and CHAIRFILL automatically finds, contacts and appoints the Right Kind of Patient at the Right Time. To increase your chances of appointing, each patient is contacted using unique messaging, imagery, and smart discounts from our extensive live library.




Orascoptic EyeZoomAn Orascoptic exclusive adjustable magnification solution, EyeZoom™ features three magnification levels ranging from 3x-5x. Orascoptic’s EyeZoom offers clinicians the ability to switch between multiple magnification powers to accommodate a variety of procedures that require varying degrees of detail. Use lower magnification for routine dental examinations and preparation for crown and bridge procedures. Increase magnification for more complex and exacting procedures.


Patient Prism

Patient Prism

Patient PrismPatient Prism is a call tracking and call coaching program that analyzes every new patient phone call, identifies individuals who end the call without booking, and provides rapid training to win them back — all within one hour. It leverages artificial intelligence, experienced call coaches, and quick training videos from top industry experts to provide fast, actionable insights designed to generate immediate results. Its patented technology eliminates the need to listen to call recordings and provides detailed information that dental practices and DSOs use to optimize marketing, operations, staff behavior, and the patient experience.


Shofu EyeSpecial C-III


EyeSpecial C-III

Five-time winner of the Cellerant’s Technology Award, the EyeSpecial C-III camera from SHOFU enables staff to take impressive images for case documentation, diagnosis and treatment planning, and patient communication and education. Equipped with a proprietary system of sensors, filters and flashes, this camera demonstrates an exceptional depth-of-field range and true-color reproduction for consistent and predictable photography. The EyeSpecial C-III features 8 pre-set shooting modes, high performance 49mm close-up lens, an ultra-lightweight body and a large LCD touchscreen which allows the user to view and scroll through images effortlessly, even with a gloved hand. The EyeSpecial C-III is water and chemical resistant, and it can be quickly disinfected with a sterilizing wipe.



SICAT Software Suite

SICAT Software SuiteSICAT Software Suite is the first software solution which allows for the visualization and analysis of the upper airways in 3D and the planning of appliance-based treatment of snoring and OSA with SICAT OPTISLEEP. The fully digital workflow creates an enhanced patient experience and greater case acceptance. With this Software, you can facilitate patient consultation due to the stunning visualization options that help to clarify the necessity of treatment. SICAT OPTISLEEP is the most innovative appliance due to slim design, maximum production accuracy and high patient comfort. Integrating sleep into your practice is easier than ever before with this solution.



Turnkey Sleep Solution

SleepArchiTx Turnkey Sleep SolutionSleepArchiTx gives you the confidence needed to treat sleep breathing disorders. Unique 1:1 doctor-to-doctor clinical consults and medical doctor collaboration increases your clinical knowledge and provides you confidence and expertise to yield ideal treatment outcomes. A dental sleep CE curriculum trains your entire staff and ongoing support implements systematic patient workflow in your practice. Turnkey medical billing performs the most difficult aspects of insurance collection. The exclusive Aligner Sleep Appliance®, for clear aligner patients who also suffer from sleep disorders, along with appliance options for TMJ deficiencies, CPAP combination therapy and powerful biomimetics are available. 888-777-3198, reachus@sleeparchitx.com, www.sleeparchitx.com




Tokuyama OMNICHROMATokuyama’s OMNICHROMA is the first universal composite that matches every patient’s tooth shade, from A1 to D4, with a single shade of composite. OMNICHROMA’s innovative technology utilizes structural color to match every tooth shade. Its 260nm fillers are the precise shape and size necessary to generate red-to-yellow structural color. This color then combines with the reflected color of the patient’s surrounding dentition, resulting in a perfect match with no added dyes or pigments. OMNICHROMA saves doctors time and money by removing the need for shade selecting and eliminating the need to keep excess product for incidental shades. OMNICHROMA streamlines the restorative process, providing a single shade composite for every shade of tooth.



VALO® and VALO® Cordless and VALO® Grand Curing Lights

Ultradent VALO® and VALO® Cordless and VALO® Grand Curing LightsVALO’s multiwavelength light-emitting diode (LED) and optimally collimated beam makes it capable of polymerizing all dental materials. The ergonomic design of VALO’s wand-style body and large footprint of the curing head provides unprecedented access to the oral cavity. Precision milled from a solid bar of aircraft aluminum, VALO’s unibody construction ensures unsurpassed durability. VALO Cordless is also available in the colors Graphite, Gold, Fuschia, and Teal. The new VALO® Grand features a 50% larger curing lense, measuring 12mm and a handy back-activation button for ease of use. It is available in corded and cordless. For more information 800.552.5512, or visit ultradent.com.



Gemini™ 810 & 980 Diode Laser

Ultradent Gemini™ 810 & 980 Diode LaserThe Gemini™ 810 & 980 Diode Laser offers dual wave technology, combining the optimal absorption of the 810nm wavelength and optimal water absorption of the 980nm wavelength. Its sleek, innovative design features a stunning transparent electroluminescent display, while the tip of the laser illuminates, providing better visibility at the surgical site. The laser’s simple user interface comes with 19 preset procedures to enhance ease of use. For more information, visit Ultradent.com or call 800-552-5512.


Vista Dental Products

Phasor Composite Heating System

Vista Dental Products Phasor Composite Heating SystemThis patent-pending device is the first of its kind using near-infrared technology to rapidly warm composite compules. With the touch of a button, Phasor is able to heat any composite material to 150°F in under one minute, and sustain a constant temperature throughout the entire procedure. Materials remain highly sculptable, non-sticky and easily shaped.Heating composite significantly lowers the viscosity of the material, resulting in better adaptation, reduced voids/microleakage and improved polymerization. Improved depth of cure allows for larger incremental layers to be placed, providing higher degrees of enhanced procedural efficiency.


WEO Media

WEO Media

WEO MediaWEO Media is a full-service dental marketing agency with proven experience to help grow your dental practice. We are the dental industry leader for websites and online marketing. Our custom services will generate solid new patient flow with an excellent return on investment (ROI). WEO Media offers secure, responsive websites, SEO, PPC for Google and Facebook, social media, online reputation management, 24/7 live chat, direct mail campaigns, custom video production, patient education website videos, custom photo shoots, premium Healthgrades profiles, branding and design services, and more. Visit us today: www.weomedia.com

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