Cottage Life in the City…

Dr. Glenn McKay has always enjoyed the “great outdoors”, and wanted to share this atmosphere by bringing nature indoors to his practice.

The concept was to produce a warm, timeless cottage design. Fortunately, the vertical height of 20-feet allowed the use of a novel concept — erecting a post beam structure inside a commercial space. This was achieved by adding elements found in nature and by using solid pine beams, slate, stone, and oversized tapestry patterned furniture. Some of the special touches suggested by the staff were incorporated, such as a Colorado Elk chandelier, a wide-screen television, an “outhouse” for the restroom, a floor-to-ceiling gas fireplace embellished with a 350-year-old mantel, and outdoor hand-carved signage. No detail has been taken lightly, even down to wood patterned business cards.

The new office location on the main floor of Rockwood Mall in Mississauga, ON, allowed for the creation of seven fully-digitalized operatories and two laboratories. A mezzanine was also built to allow for Dr. McKay’s private office and a large staff room.

We know that our concept has been achieved because most clients’ first impression is the scent of natural pine, and a calming atmosphere.

Dr. Glenn McKay would like to thank David McFarlane of Normerica for the Post & Beam, Rita Valente of Valente Designs, Tri-Par Construction, and Ken Croney of Ash Temple.