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Data Driven Dentistry

February 14, 2018
by Jillian Cecchini, Managing Editor

What better way to learn how to be successful than through the experiences of your peers and colleagues. Throughout our lives, we draw from our own experiences to make decisions and conclusions. Making informed decisions is a quality that will help you lead the life you want and more importantly, become as successful as you can possibly be throughout the span of your career.
This year, Oral Health has decided to embark on a new creative project and work with a third-party research company, RKI (Research + Knowledge = Insights) to create a comprehensive survey.

This survey will be solely based on the business and technology aspects of dentistry, as well as focusing on the key components of running a successful practice.


The Oral Health research study, titled Data Driven Dentistry, will allow you to draw conclusions and make decisions based on the collected information from you, our readers, that will appear throughout the pages of Oral Health, our website, and all of Oral Health’s social media platforms in 2018.

With the collected data, our goal is to present our readers with comprehensive and informative hot-topic articles. Based on a general overview of the dental industry, topics will touch on productivity, networking, compassionate chairside manner, dental manufacturers, new products and services, and much more.

As I briefly touched on in my latest editorial in the January issue of Oral Health Office, today’s modern dentist needs to not only be a master clinician but also a business guru. There are many factors to consider when running a successful practice and with our collected research data, we hope to help guide our readers on a path towards a fresher perspective.

Below are just a few of the topics we plan to elaborate on:

  • Pricing pressures coming from all angles
  • The value of compassionate chairside manner
  • Dental manufactures being key players in technology adoption
  • Referring your patient to a specialist
  • The benefits of continuing education and networking

Oral Health’s goal is to position ourselves as thought leaders by discussing the ways of improving patient outcomes through upgraded technology and to gain a better understanding of the challenges facing dentists today. We hope to stimulate dialogue and start comprehensive conversations surrounding the current perceptions of dentists, with the intention of developing compelling editorial content, specifically targeted to each audience.

Be sure to stay tuned!

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