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Dr. Neil J. Gajjar’s Dental Office

May 29, 2019
by Shannon Benjamin & Pooja Patel

When the idea to expand our practice from six operatories to 12 was only a blueprint, designing details according to modern day environmental impacts were favoured. Reducing our carbon footprint while maintaining a fast paced and comfortable clinic for our patients is our main goal.


We implemented smaller eco-friendly changes that may not be recognizable at first glance. The conversion to LED light bulbs throughout the office provides a brighter and natural feel. The installation of hand dryers in our washrooms eliminate paper towel wastage. Our very popular iPad station (which features games that children love!) reduces magazines and newspapers in our waiting area. To further reduce our carbon footprint, we converted from a vacuum to a dry-vac. This lowers our water usage.

To us, details matter. From the position of the entrance, to the orientation of the dental chairs, our office was designed according Vastu Shastra, a traditional Hindu architectural principle similar to Feng Shui. This science of architecture is prevalent in all areas of the practice – to foster positive energy. When choosing the colour scheme, we wanted a timeless and neutral colour that flows throughout the office. The different tones of grey are seen on our walls, in our operatories and our staff uniforms.

Lastly, when designing our practice, we wanted to create a space with patient comfort in mind. Our office has two sterilization bays to maintain high work flow. In addition, rear delivery ops keep the area clean and reduce patient anxiety. High vaulted ceilings give the office an open, spacious feel. While patients are enjoying the space, they have the option to relax and watch TV or make use our WiFi while waiting for their appointment. Who doesn’t love free WiFi!

Written by: Shannon Benjamin & Pooja Patel
Equipment by: Ken Croney, Henry Schein
Designed by: Rita Valente, Valente Designs

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2 Comments » for Dr. Neil J. Gajjar’s Dental Office
  1. Saniya Patel says:

    Office is very fabulous and infrastructure is also very nice. Thank you 🙂

  2. The office looks great and the colours will be timeless! Nice to see the iPad station continues to be a popular feature.

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