Hygiene: Finding the mask for YOU!

Read the Labels

Make sure your mask meets the requirements for filtration efficiency. Don’t get lost in the technical information; try to stick to the basics and recognize the standards that must be followed.

Comfort and Fit

Choose what you feel is right for you! Here are some features to check out:

Look for a comfortable nosepiece that easily conforms and stays in place.

Test for ear loop bands or ties that provide a close fit yet do not pull or add pressure.

Review the overall mask design. Select a high quality mask construction with LATEX FREE materials to avoid any allergic reactions.


Select a mask that is easy to breathe through, as this will reduce moisture build-up within the mask.

Educate Yourself!

Compare the claims of different brands to understand what benefit is provided. Take time to read about how you can increase your personal protection! It’s your health and safety!