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If You Can’t Go Sideways Then Go Up

September 1, 2004
by Don Ducasse, DDS

It all begins with the door. Whether it’s the friendly door of a pub or the stately door of a church, the door sets the tone for what awaits once you pass through the entrance. I wanted a door that was inviting while being indicative of the quality and the professionalism of my office. An oak door with 3/4 glass lite was chosen. The warmth of the wood was enhanced, using a red mahogany stain and our practice name was etched into the glass.

In redesigning my 1,000 square foot bungalow (built in 1997), I wanted to create the feeling of space. Meg Weaver of Weaver Design and Ash Temple brought my vision to life. Since we could not expand the existing space we decided to work with the ceilings. The house had a gable roof line with a 7/12 pitch. This allowed us to create unique ceilings with a sense of space and freedom. The vaulted ceilings in the reception areas create a wow effect when patients enter the facility. The treatment rooms now have 10foot ceilings and in our consultation room we have a coffered dome. New windows were also added to create the illusion of more space.


The spa like feeling was achieved by using natural elements such as water, wood and metal. The colour theme of greens, purples and earth tones is soft and relaxing.

The stone flooring is actually porcelain tile, and granite was used for the font desk and on the bathroom vanity. The water glass that was used for some of the windows creates the element of water and the wood framing used throughout gives a sense of security and warmth.

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