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Letters To The Editor

May 1, 2015
by Oral Health

Hi Janice,

Firstly, having now read the March issue of Oral Health, I congratulate you on producing such a comprehensive high quality issue. It truly is a landmark and confirms my opinion that Oral Health is much the most adventurous journal in Canadian dentistry.


James Gavin, DDS

Hi Janice,

I never thought I’d see the cover photo, editorial and multiple articles in any journal emphasizing myofunctional therapy, airway, tongue-ties, early treatment! Hope lots of people are reading and getting interested. Now if only they have included something about Orthotropics! Pity it’s only in a Canadian journal.

Dr. Jim Redd

Dear Janice,

I am writing to express disappointment in the recent issue of Oral Health Journal, March 2015. I noted issues of concern in several of the articles published. As an specialist, familiar with the treatment and/or use of Myofunctional Therapy, TMJ Dysfunction, Airway maintenance and the use of CPAP devices, I have strong disagreement with many of the claims made in this issue.

We have come to expect, independent review of submitted articles and a fresh approach to many of today’s dental challenges from Oral Health Journal. Unfortunately, this last issues appears to be lacking in such independent review and hence lacks in accuracy in portraying current thinking on effective treatment protocol. This issue seems to have digressed to the days when scientific research was not rigorous and hearsay was allowed to rule.

The editorial seems to be lacking in sound advice. As an experience practitioner, I would expect Oral Health Journal to consistently present a rigorous review of the current state of the relevant knowledge.

Yours respectfully,
Michael Patrician,