Letters To The Editor

Re: We Can Only be the Best by Doing Our Best, With the Best, Louis Malcmacher, DDS, November, 2011

I read with interest Dr. Malcmacher’s excellent article on new technologies that make us more efficient while maintaining quality in our practice. I was especially intrigued by the DentalVibe (Bing Innovation) that Dr. Malcmacher described.

Forty-five years ago as a rookie practitioner I was taught a technique of shaking the lip and surrounding tissue while stretching the cheek and/or lip to reduce the impact of injection just as Dr. Malcmacher described. My family dentist and mentor Dr. Fred Stulberg taught this technique to me. Dr. Stulberg was himself a forward thinker. His Borden Air rotor serial number was 29 (as I remember). As for why it works, his reasoning was exactly the same 45 years ago as was described in the article.

Now this is only my opinion, but I feel the advantage of the manual method is that you need no additional steps in reaching for, activating and afterwards sterilizing the instrument. Your fingers are attached (I hope), always ready to work, require no maintenance and are readily sterilized (with gloves).

Dr. Malcmacher’s article is, nonetheless, valuable for a dentist in the field but is this particular device, of all the author describes, truly necessary?

Peter Markle, DDS
Scarborough, ON