Oral Health Group

Light Show

May 2, 2019
by Antham Construction Group & DeStyle Design

Creating a healthcare environment, which is welcoming, professional and bright, while considering overall construction costs and budget criteria is a task we at De Style Design are priding ourselves in achieving on this project.


For this office, specific attention is given to the impact of natural materials on overall sense of well-being and creating a unique ambiance within the space.

Lighting plays a key role in rendering of the interior environment. We therefore balanced wall illumination and overhead lighting in order to create a more enveloping effect, as well as to relate the space to human scale.

Stepping away from the standard painted doors, we opted for solid wood trim and wood veneer. This treatment defines the space as an upscale environment, while keeping the rest of the materials basic, without inflating the cost of construction.

The main impact of the design, as appropriate – has been concentrated in the reception area – setting the stage for the rest of the office. When creating a design which incorporates ceiling to wall connection of elements – execution and attention to detail is key, therefore, working with the team at Antham Construction Group was the obvious choice for us on this project.

Over and above the aesthetic aspect of design, considering wear and tear, as well as durability in a high traffic environment, is key. The reception desk is therefore done in a combination of solid surface, decorative porcelain tile cladding, along with solid wood edge detailing, in order to visually connect to the overhead elements as well as other areas within the space, where solid wood products are being used.

The result of this project is yet another happy client, along with an office which has a unique character and a distinctive brand identity of an elegant, playful yet functional space.

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