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February 28, 2020
by Pinewood Dental Care

The mission statement of Pinewood Dental Care is to put the well-being of their patients first. Dr. Sharma and his team recognized that to accommodate the growing practice, a new space was required. This sparked the idea of building a new office and redesigning it to create a more clean, modern and comfortable environment.

Pinewood Dental Care


Because comfort of both patients and staff is paramount, Pinewood Dental Care knew that creating an atmosphere of tranquility was essential. Upon entering the practice, a feeling of spaciousness and calm is immediate. The first standout feature is a living wall at the entrance of the office. This is actually known to purify the air and provide a healthy indoor climate that increases productivity and allows for a feeling of well-being. To welcome patients, there is a concierge style reception area with three individual reception desks. Patients can interact, one-on-one, with a staff member in a personal and confidential manner. Two other highly unique features include a relaxation room where one can wait prior to treatment. This was designed to alleviate potential stress or worry. There is also a private check-in/out room that allows patients the luxury of having a quiet space for completing any required forms or paperwork.

Pinewood Dental Care

There are ten operatories outfitted with all the latest in technology. The spa-like feeling of serenity is carried into the back area of the practice. This includes a vast, open sterilization centre that is the hub of all the busy operatories. Upstairs is where our large staffroom, with a table for 12, is located. This gives our team a terrific space to relax, interact, and team-build. The upper floor also houses a workspace for our team. Additionally, there is a spacious conference room that is an amazing space for colleagues to engage in conversation, discuss new ideas and future goals. It’s also a great place for people in the city to use to host events, meetings, and even parties.

Pinewood Dental Care

Dr. Sharma graduated from Nair Hospital Dental College in Mumbai, and after practicing in India for 12 years, decided to move to Canada in 2000. After attending Dalhousie University, he decided to move his family to Niagara Falls and proceeded to work with several practices across Southern Ontario. In 2008, he founded Pinewood Dental. Dr. Sharma continued to build his practice until he recognized a need to expand. Over a period of three years, and with the help of several exceptional trades including architects, designers, engineers and dental specialists, a new Pinewood Dental Care was born. We look forward to being an integral part of our community for many years to come.

Office Design

Architect: 2m Architects
Building Contractor: ATI Construction
Dental Equipment: A-dec Dental
Interior design & branding: Oomph Design

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