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May I have the envelope, please?

April 1, 2006
by Catherine Wilson, Editor

Yes, award mania is upon us. Oscars, Emmys, Grammys, Razzies, Webbies, Sags, Golden Globes and People’s Choice. Awards for the good, the bad and the just plain ugly. Awards for the special and the not so much. The parties, the dinners, the photo shoots and goody bags. The implants, the lifts, the tucks, the boobs, the busts. While the abundance of awards and trophies for absolutely everyone may have devalued the specialness of being acknowledged, in the real world, being tapped for an achievement still holds some meaning. Why just today my city councillor awarded me with a citation for ‘Best Christmas Light Display’ on my street! Sorry, no autographs.

Recently, Reality publishing, a US-based product testing company for the dental industry, held its 2006 Annual Awards dinner in Chicago. Reality honored the best of the dental manufacturing industry during a Texas-themed evening of show-stopping entertainment, down-home barbeque and ‘boot-scooting fun’.


Products receiving Reality Five-Star Awards included Microlux Transilluminator by AdDent; D.T. Light-Post by Bisco; CeramiPro Dialite, Esthetic Inlay/ Onlay and Laminate Veneer System by Brasseler; EOS 20D by Canon/Photomed; Accudose Disposable Tubes and Plugs by Centrix; D Fine Diamond Polishers for Hybrid Composites and D Fine Double Diamond by Clinician’s Choice; Renamel Microfill by Cosmedent; Macro Cab/Micro Cab by Danville Engineering; Aquasil Ultra and Prisma-Gloss/Prisma-Gloss Extra Fine by Dentsply/Caulk; DEXIS by DEXIS; Nite White ACP by Discus; Luxatemp Fluorescence by DMG/Zenith; Lead Free Apron by Dux; Epitex and Fuji Plus/Fuji Plus Capsules by GC; SurgiTel ErgoVision Telescopes and SurgiTel Micro-Mini High Intensity by GSC; Gluma Desensitizer by Heraeus Kulzer; Altair SA by High Q; ELECTROtorque plus/GENTLEpower LUX 25LPA, GENTLEforce LUX 6000B, INTRAflex LUX 2, Mira LUX 3 635B, QUATTROcare and Super-Torque LUX 3 647B by KaVo; Hawe HiLuster, L.E.Demetron II, L.E.D. Radiometer, OptiBond/OptiBond FL, Optilux 501 and Optilux Radiometer by Kerr; Clearfil Photo Cure and Clearfil Porcelain Bond Activator by Kuraray; Microbrush Plus by Microbrush; Root ZX II by J. Morita USA; NL-85, Ti-Max NL 95 and Varios 350 LUX by NSK/Brasseler; TDF by NTI/Axis; Orascoptic Dimension-3, HiRes and EyeMax Telescopes by Orascoptic-Kerr; Ribbond Triaxial by Ribbond; Compo-Ject by Ronvig; Great White Gold Series Burs by SS White; CoJet and Sof-Lex Extra Thin (XT) Contouring and Polishing Discs by 3M ESPE; ICB Brushes, InterGuard, Opalescence/Opalescence PF, Ultra-Etch 35%, Ultrapak and UltraSeal XT plus by Ultradent.

Reality also recognized the excellence of certain companies and products with its 2006 Special Awards. Kerr was the biggest winner, taking home five awards.

Other special award winners included DIAGNODent pen from KaVo for Most Unique FirstLook Product; CEREC 3D from Sirona for Most Innovative New Product of the Year; and EOS 20D from Canon/PhotoMed for the highly sought after New Product of the Year award.

So friends, if you find yourself, your company or your product in the spotlight this award season, remember, don’t tug at your clothes, don’t thank your broker, personal trainer or probation office, and for goodness sake, wash your hair. Keep the speeches short, sweet and to the point. Then get off the stage.

And please consider this my standing ovation.

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