Mega-Deal Creates ‘Powerhouse’

(York, PA)–Dentsply International Inc. has purchased Degussa Dental, a unit of Degussa AG, for approximately US$500 million. Degussa Dental is expected to add $430 million to Dentsply’s annual sales. The combined company is expected to generate total revenues in excess of $1.5 billion in 2001.

The transaction combines the world’s largest manufacturer of professional dental products, Dentsply, with the second-largest dental company worldwide and the market leader in Germany and Europe. Degussa Dental is also the only significant non-domestic dental company in the Japanese market. The combined company holds more than 1,200 patents.

Are You Aging Gracefully? Just Take a Look at Your Teeth

(Toronto)–It’s no surprise that Canadians are living longer. But how important is it to look good while we’re aging? Tartar Control Listerine asked this question — along with a few more — to Canadians across the country with some surprising results.

A whopping 90 percent of Canadians are not content to leave the aging process up to mother nature. But gender does play a role. Ninety-four percent of women say it’s important to them to look good in their advancing years, compared to 85 percent of men. Ontarians are the most looks-and-age conscious at 92 percent, followed by Atlantic Canada (88%), then British Columbia (85%). But the jury’s split when it comes to Mom and Dad. Nearly half (49%) of us say we are content to look similar to our parents at the same age, versus 45 percent of Canadians who want to look younger than their mothers and fathers.

How much time do we actually devote to taking care ourselves, starting with our teeth? From Monday to Sunday, 35 percent of us spend a total of 60 minutes each and every week brushing our teeth. But only 11 percent devote the same amount of time to flossing, and even less (6%) rinse with a mouthwash. But everyone wants healthier gums and teeth.

“While most Canadians want to have a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile, some of us still find it challenging to follow the oral hygiene recommendations of dental professionals” explains Dr. Barry Dolman, a past president of the Canadian Dental Association and practicing dentist in Montreal.

The survey was conducted by an independent survey supplier on behalf of Listerine mouth rinse in March, 2001. This national sample of 2002 Canadians is accurate to within +/- 2.19 percentage points, 19 times out of 20.

Rembrandt Enjoys a Taste of Success

(Los Angeles, CA)–The National Board of the American Tasting Institute bestowed its 2001 American Taste Award of Excellence to Rembrandt for several of its products including Naturals Papaya & Ginseng Mouthwash, Raspberry Leaf & Mint Mouthwash and Aloe Vera & Echinacea Mouthwash.

The blind judging was conducted by a panel of professional chefs in San Francisco.

Gingivitis Wiped Out in Wrestle-Mania Match

(Toronto)–In the spirit of dental month (April), the plaque-ridden Evil Gingivitis was defeated by its newest dental challenger, Tartar Control Listerine, during a vigorous wrestling match in downtown Toronto.

As Canada’s first mouth rinse that fights tartar, Tartar Control Listerine took to the ring in the Toronto Dominion Centre Courtyard to wrestle the sticky and diabolical Gingivitis in a grueling, three-round match.

Canada’s first Olympic gold medallist in wrestling and Athlete of the Year, Daniel Igali, was on hand to judge the main event. To celebrate dental month, Daniel Igali also accepted a $1,000 donation by Listerine on behalf of the Canadian Olympic Association.