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No Brushing Required Changing the Way You Think About Pet Oral Care

July 1, 2015
by Oral Health

Petsmile is a revolutionary new pet toothpaste that eliminates the hassles of brushing your and your patients’ dog’s teeth. Petsmile was developed by the humans who brought you Supersmile, hailed as the “#1 Whitening System” recommended by cosmetic dentists.

Petsmile Professional Toothpaste reduces plaque, fights gingivitis, and virtually eliminates “doggie breath”. Unlike other canine toothpastes, Petsmile works immediately on contact to dissolve the protein pellicle on your pet’s teeth, where stains, plaque and bacteria form.


Petsmile is demonstrably effective and efficient; it became the first toothpaste to be recommended by the Veterinary Oral Health Council Seal of Approval. Its unique Calprox formula is clinically proven to safely inhibit the formation of plaque for healthier teeth and healthier gums.

Left untreated, plaque in pets’ mouths can cause bleeding gums and tartar buildup, which are known to be detrimental to their overall health. Serious periodontal problems can make eating uncomfortable, leading to a loss of proper nutrition, and a decline in vigor and condition. Petsmile safely lifts stains without sensitivity and provides long-lasting germicidal protection. This product is indicated for all breeds and sizes.

Petsmile toothpaste can be applied with the exclusive Petsmile swabs, or by simply using your fingertip to place a small dab anywhere in or on the dog’s mouth. The natural movements of the lips, cheeks, and tongue will spread the attractively flavoured paste within seconds, assuring widespread benefit. For a deeper cleaning, use a toothbrush.

Petsmile goes to work immediately to attack plaque from bacteria, acid, food and saliva. And it dissolves in the mouth safely and effectively. You will love your dog’s fresh breath, and your pet will love the beef flavor!

For more information, and exclusive professional discounts, please visit petsmilecanada.ca or email

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