Office Design: A Practice with a Twist

It “feels like home” say many about this “cabin” near the Bow River in Calgary. There is no “waiting” room, no receptionist, no receivables, nor EDI. Electric handpieces are silent — replaced by the trickle of a waterfall, laughter, and the smell of fragrant candles and flowers.

Hidden in pine cupboards is more futuristic technology — cameras, microscopes, digital x-rays and computers galore — essential to permit the team to “be” with “guests” discovering opportunities for health. Software enables administration anywhere. Phones move with them wherever they go. There is no “front desk” — no shuffling between departments or people.

Perhaps most significant is what you can’t see. The spirit of the team led by visionary Dr. Bill Cryderman. He and his chosen few identified and now aptly articulate shared core values. Expanding on their gifts, they shirk many of the traditional roles of auxiliaries. They invested heavily in developing an approach that concentrates on “profoundly personal” service. Beyond show and tell, more than preach and teach — they’ve learned how to support people who desire health and seek change.

Bill chose to make his work more congruent with who he is. Did it begin with knowing himself, learning how to “be” with clients and co-workers, or spurred to treat causes through an in-depth study of occlusion? Or, was it knowing how he wanted to spend the sunset of his career — seeing where he belonged amidst the sweeping changes to his profession of more than 20 years? Bill and his coach (Suzan Bekolay — Click Coaching) worked with the team, the designers (Cherelyn Williams — Creative Dimensions) and suppliers (Patterson Dental, Autopia Computer Products) as his dreams began to take shape in the form of “the cabin” in recent years.