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Office Design: A Smart Smile

January 3, 2019
by A Smart Smile

The Sunshine Coast of British Columbia is a place where life slows down. A Smart Smile is a family owned business and is located in Gibson’s BC just a short ferry ride from Vancouver. There is a certain blanket of relaxation that hugs this community. Dr. Bland wanted the coastal life to shine through their dental clinic. We together remodeled an older house to be re-designed as a clinic with the desirable “at home” feeling the Blands wanted to capture. We used beach inspired materials and elements to keep it natural and stress-free. By choosing light blues, sandy wood colors, soft greys and fresh whites, we felt it would marry our client’s vision with their patients’ comfort.

Office Design: A Smart Smile


It all starts when you walk in. The patient is introduced to an open concept with a fresh up-to-date reception. The administration desk is positioned where staff can be readily available – close enough to give you a welcoming smile while avoiding resembling gate keepers. Much like a home, it offers plenty of space to hang your jacket and park your umbrella all the while being introduced to the easy flow of the office. There’s no denying that waiting rooms can be uncomfortable, Emerge Design designed the waiting area to be open and inviting. The waiting room resembles one of a family home, with a sense of peace. A large open space for children to play and interact with others was important to Dr. Bland, he wanted to proudly display the children’s hand drawn art. The books are well loved selected classics that have been handed down through families by patients and staff. We wanted to provide endless entertainment for the young ones. Near by the busy young generation there are comfortable couches and other soft seating nestled by a fireplace. Cozy and colourful pillows with large round wood table ends make the space coastal and heartfelt. It was essential that patients of all ages felt welcomed and comfortable.

Office Design: A Smart Smile

Office Design: A Smart Smile

Throughout the clinic the patient encounters a great extent of exposed beams that accentuate the ceiling. The blue printed privacy screens resemble our local landscape while acting as dividers when required. The patient chairs are of great comfort, and I can honestly say they certainly are not your average dental chair, plush and inviting. While resting back your vision will be captivated by ceiling tiles that have whimsical designs imprinted in them. Allowing their eyes to play while the staff at Dr. Bland’s are hard at work. Clearly establishing the importance of quality, the office is filled with high end equipment that is used daily and has greatly improved the staff’s ease of work. Each operatory room has a rolling cart of small toys, pencils, and goodies for the younger at heart. It’s clear how critical it was for us to establish how important family is to the practice owners.

Office Design: A Smart Smile

With splashes of their family values and playful spaces throughout, this practice illuminates with warmth from the natural light cascading in from the large windows to the truly beautiful characteristics of this family owned practice.

We welcome you to this bright and cheerful dental clinic, A Smart Smile.

Interior Design: Gwyntie van Tuyl Weswick, Emerge Design Inc.
Written By: Jenna Fouillard, Creative Assistant, Emerge Design Inc.

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