Office Design: Nautical by Nature

This decor reflects Dr. Eric Reich’s original concept of establishing a warm, tropical feeling to counter the harsh Montreal winters and to alleviate apprehension on the part of some patients when entering a dental specialist’s office.

The “open” flow of the layout allows for easy patient movement, a welcome access for parents who wish to visit their children, and also functions to allow the four assistants to work in a spacious, comfortable environment.

Aside from the open-bay treatment area with four treatment chairs, there is an adjoining semi-private operatory for adults and for longer scheduled appointments. A private operatory for consultation and diagnostic records is located directly adjacent to the case presentation room with a round table and built in x-ray viewer. The lighting effects are both direct and indirect with a combination of halogen and fluorescent fixtures. A long halogen assembly of small teeth-like fixtures extends the entire length of the office from reception to sterilization areas along an almost invisible wire system to compliment the orthodontic theme.

At present an elaborate computer system with lap-top viewers by each treatment chair in order to view patient records is being incorporated, along with plans for a visual treatment computer in the consultation room.

The office has been very well received to date and the space, palette of tropical colours, and functional layout makes the staff and patients feel good.