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Office Space: Bitehaus Dental

March 4, 2022
by Darcie Galbraith, BA, Interior Design Coach; Peter Barry, CMC, Practice Success Coach

THE WHY: Owner’s story

Bitehaus Dental was built in 2018 as a result of a dream in the hearts and minds of Dr. Aisling Whitaker and Dr. Anand Iyer (who are married and parents of one young child). Their journey to practice ownership began after meeting during dental school in Ireland. Dr. Whitaker was born and raised in Ireland, while Dr. Iyer was visiting as an international student experiencing the country for the first time. After graduating, they practised in Ireland for several years, gaining valuable clinical experience as associates in Dr. Whitaker’s father’s dental practice. They have always enjoyed Canada’s beauty and lifestyle. After spending many summers here together they were inspired to pursue becoming licenced, practising Canadian dentists. A local family member and small group of friends (as well as direct flight access to visit Ireland) attracted them to settle in the beautiful city of Toronto. They love the diverse, multicultural community vibe.


THE HOW: Planning & preparation

The couple spent over a year preparing, researching and learning everything they could about being practice owners. After networking with peers and industry professionals, and exploring demographics, they saw an exciting opportunity to design and build the practice of their dreams from scratch – a practice that would represent their tastes, style and passion for serving people. They took their time finding a vibrant space that is well-situated geographically for optimal patient flow and growth. They passed on the first space they were interested in after exploring the local marketplace an discovering small factors that might not support their desire to uniquely stand out. Finally, they found their present location. It was love at first site. After speaking to local merchants and exploring the community and marketplace, they were excited to secure the lease and begin designing their space into a beautifully appealing and functional practice.










THE RESULTS: Technical design features

Bitehaus Dental is situated street level in the beating heart of midtown Toronto. It is surrounded by popular cafes and restaurants, and a choice of boutique shopping and fine dining eateries. The lengthy frontage of the practice allows a beautiful street view into the front office and clinical spaces through the large exterior floor-to-ceiling windows. Upon entering the practice, its contemporary modern design transports patients into a comfortable atmosphere that feels like a living room. They designed crisp, clean, white-washed walls with classy deep blue (almost black) cabinetry. The high ceilings and stunning large windows allow natural light to illuminate throughout the spaces, creating a bright feeling of spaciousness everywhere. They also designed contrasting wood-herringbone patterned flooring tiles and added stylishly placed unique pops of contemporary artwork.

THE IMPACT: Empowered practice outcomes

Due to the tremendous success and growth of Bitehaus, they decided to open a second practice a short eight-minute drive away. Just prior to the pandemic, Bitehaus was completed and opened within seven months of planning. Their second location is now almost completed but has taken them almost twice as long to open due to the well-known supply and labour challenges among other complexities in the global marketplace. By creatively designing a uniquely styled physical space, the warm, inviting atmosphere at Bitehaus Dental excites and empowers the team to deliver wonderful dental healthcare experiences to their community.










Lease Negotiator: Cirrus Consulting Group
Contractor: Bellsam Construction
Designer: Prop Architecture
Equipment Supplier: Henry Schein

About the Author

Darcie is co-founder of Bella Vita Designs Inc.; an interior design company specializing in creating beautiful functional spaces for start-ups, expanding, relocating or remodeling your dream practice. To have your proud story & unique office design featured we can be reached at darcie@bellavitadesigns.ca / IG @bellavitadesignsinc / 905-716-8528.


Peter Barry is Founder of Practice Mastery Inc., a Team Development Coaching company that empowers the growth & development needs of your practice. He provides customized group & one on-one “Success Training” to dental professionals & industry companies across N. America. IG @peterbarrycoach, peter@practicemastery.com, www.practicemastery.com, or 416.568.5456.

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