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Office Space: Floss Dentistry

July 31, 2020
by Floss Dentistry

The first new dental clinic build for Dr. Nathaniel Wong, Floss Dentistry, is an extension of his passion for his craft, the ongoing technological advances in dentistry fused with high design. Located in the new community of Chappelle in Southwest Edmonton, Floss Dentistry is 2,700 square feet and includes six generously sized private operatory rooms, on-site Cerec crown milling and a tech garage and more. The overall design aesthetic was to be modern, inviting with a focus on patient experience and balanced with high design.


The main goal of the project was to create a unique environment for both the patients as well as dental staff. At the heart of the clinic is the Cerec milling machine. Designed to create custom crowns on site, this high-priced, technology forward piece of equipment had to be front and centre for the patients to see. Surrounding the Cerec millwork display are six operatories and a central sterilization area. Every room was designed around procedure-focused layouts, efficient flow of the staff to minimize the number of steps back and forth as well as future-proofing the clinic with ample conduit for future data runs and technology.

One of the main challenges was the custom dental millwork cabinetry in the operatories, Cerec milling display and sterilization centre. Having worked in various practices, Dr. Wong wanted something unique based on his specific way of practice. This required multiple programming and design sessions to review the details of all dental cabinets in the operatories as well as the Cerec milling cabinet and the sterilization centre. Throughout the process we reviewed the design on site with tape along with full-size dental chair templates to allow Dr. Wong and his staff the opportunity to visualize procedures and function of the dental cabinetry in their rooms. The result saw the realization of his vision.

Interior Designer: Bold Interior Design Inc.
General Contractor: Seagate Contract Management
Dental Equipment Supplier: Patterson Dental & owner supplied

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