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Oralhealth Guidelines Manuscript Submission

August 1, 2006
by Oral Health

Oral Health welcomes original articles to its editorial, and is proud to be the means by which original works are introduced to the dental profession. When submitting an original manuscript, remember to include and/or consider the following:



The quality of the line drawings and photographs supplied contribute directly to the quality of reproduction in Oral Health. Therefore, when making a submission, please consider the following:

* All photographs/illustrations should be carefully indexed and marked as to proper viewing (i.e., slides should be marked which side is the appropriate viewing angle, etc.). X-rays should be mounted individually and marked on the front of the frame with the corresponding figure number.

* Any artwork submitted on disc should be MAC compatible, and should be saved at the highest resolution possible (266 pixels per inch or greater). We cannot accept any digitized photographs/illustrations that have been created in a word processing, spread sheet or presentation package such as Microsoft Office, Powerpoint or Corel Office Suite.

* Each illustration provided by the author should be identified and described by a short caption; and this list of figures should follow at the end of the article.


Oral Health considers it a great honour to receive original manuscripts. The acceptance of an article and its publication are accelerated if proper procedures for submissions are followed. When making a submission, the following requirements need to be considered:

* Manuscripts should run between 1000 to 3000 words; any manuscripts submitted on disc should be PC compatible (i.e., Microsoft Word 2.0, or greater). Should you have concerns with the compatibility between your word software and that of Oral Health’s, simply save your file as raw text (i.e., Text Only files, ASCII text files, etc.)


Biographical information regarding the author(s) should be included with the manuscript. The author’s name and degrees, as well as any association the author may have with any institution should be included. The author’s address, including city and province/ state should also be included.

These requests for standardized submission of material are necessary for correctness of publication.

The Editorial Board looks forward to your submission. Please mail original manuscripts to:

ORAL HEALTH, 12 Concorde Place, Suite 800, Toronto, ON M3C 4J2


Telephone (416) 442-5600 E-mail: cwilson@oralhealthjournal.com Fax (416) 510-5140 Toll Free: Canada 1 800 268-7742 U.S.A. 1 800 387-0273

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