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Interdisciplinary treatment communication can now incorporate conferencing that involves and includes the patient, thereby ensuring their understanding in the planning process.
June 1, 2003 Feature

Technology: Real Time Virtual Collaboration

by Craig E. Wilson, B.Eng, Kenneth S. Serota, DDS, MMSc.

Digital Technologies & Interdisciplinary Treatment

June 1, 2003 Feature

Good for Us! We Did It Right

by R.A.Clappison DDS, FRCD(C)

The SARS epidemic, without doubt, has caught the attention of the world. Patients were exposed to the media-hype 24/7. The symptoms of fever, myalgias, headache, sore throat, dry cough, shortness of breath or difficulty in breathing are too well known.

Drs. Arnold Rabin and Jeff Rodin of Etobicoke, ON, give their mountain bikes a break while traversing the Andes Mountains in Ecuador.
June 1, 2003 Feature

Where You Read Oral Health (June 01, 2003)

by Oral Health
June 1, 2003 Feature Dentistry

Letters (June 01, 2003)

by Oral Health

Re: What’s In a Name?… My View, Janice Goodman, March, 2003 I am a dentist in Vancouver and thought I would write a note of agreement to the sentiment expressed in your recent ‘Viewpoint’ in Oral Health. It would be

June 1, 2003 Feature

Restorative/Preventive Dentistry: A Restorative Technique for Fabricating Indirect Provisionals in the Office

by Mark Pasternak, DDS

There are many ways, and many means, to fabricate provisional restorations. Most of us use some form of direct technique. This may involve a traditional powder-liquid formula, or a light cured cartridge based material. Some may have our laboratories fabricate

June 1, 2003 Feature

Restorative/Preventive Dentistry: The Role of Composite Mock-Ups in Esthetic Planning

by Ronald Porth, DMD

Composite mock-ups provide a method by which to evaluate the esthetic demands of a patient’s dentition. The techniques of mock-up fabrication can be used as aids in both diagnostic and esthetic evaluation. When used diagnostically, they allow assessment either on

June 1, 2003 Feature

Finance: Individual Pension Plans: Got One?

by Peter Merrick

Have you heard about Individual Pension Plans (IPP)? As more dentists choose to incorporate their practices, IPPs will become their Sanctioned CCRA Tax Avoidance Vehicle of choice over RRSPs. IPPs were established in 1991 by Ottawa and were written into

June 1, 2003 Feature

Office Design: Dare to Dream

by Dental Practice Management

The O’Connor Dental Health Group is located on the ground floor of the Clarica Center in downtown Ottawa. This spectacular office was produced by a joint venture between CLWG Design Inc, and Henry Schein Arcona. Even though CLWG Design Inc.

Janice Goodman is Oral Health's editorial board member for Restorative dentistry.
June 1, 2003 Feature

Dirty Money

by Janice Goodman, DDS

Consider the following scenario. It’s Sunday night and you take your family out for a treat at a favorite fast food restaurant. While standing in line, you notice the server is really into her hair, which she has re-arranged while

June 1, 2003 Feature

Restorative/Preventive Dentistry: Ultrasonics — Ultra Confusing? What You Need to Know to Keep Up

by Barbara Frost, RDH

The use of hand instrumentation for scaling and root planing has long been the standard by which periodontal therapy has been judged. In the eleventh century, the concept of scaling and root planing was described by Albucasus in The Sayings

June 1, 2003 Feature

Changing Smiles, Improving Lives: Amongst the Despair… Dignity

by Lisa Philp, RDH, CMC and Angela Best, RDH

In February, 2003, we had the privilege to travel with a group of dental professionals, from Indiana, on a dental mission trip to Haiti.

June 1, 2003 Feature

Technology: Increasing Case Acceptance With Technology

by John Jameson

The evolution of technology in dentistry began primarily with information control systems such as patient records, accounting, and the early forms of tax management software.

Simon Weinberg is Professor Emeritus of oral and maxillofacial surgery, Faculty of Dentistry, University of Toronto and oral and maxillofacial surgery consultant to the Editorial Board of Oral Health.
May 1, 2003 Feature

The End of an Era

by Simon Weinberg, DDS, FRCD(C), FICD, FADI

Allegedly motivated by budgetary constraints and a proposed change in the focus of its service programs, the impending closure of the internationally-renowned oral and maxillofacial surgery program and its parent Dental Department by The Toronto General Hospital, University Health Network,

May 1, 2003 Feature DentistryOrthodonticsPeriodontics

Dental Internet Directory (May 01, 2003)

by Oral Health

ASSOCIATIONS CANADIAN ACADEMY OF PERIODONTOLOGY Excellent source of informationon periodontics. www.cap-acp.caAdvertisement CANADIAN DENTAL PROTECTIVE ASSOCIATION Bad things happen to good dentists. www.cdpa.com iCANADEN…internet CANAdian DENtistry An OPEN FORUM on the business and practice of dentistry. www.canaden.com ONTARIO STUDY CLUB FOR

May 1, 2003 Feature

IDS 2003 Wrap

by Oral Health

In spite of travel concerns due to international conflict and SARS, the International Dental Show (IDS) experienced a seven percent increase in visitors — 63,000 people from 132 countries attended. With around 1,400 suppliers from 51 countries, 59 percent of

May 1, 2003 Feature

Principles of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery – Fifth Edition

by Oral Health

This 288-page illustrated paperback oral and maxillofacial surgery text book contains relevant introductory material on oral surgery. It is a British book intended primarily for under graduate dental students as well as nurses, dental assistants and para dental personnel. The

May 1, 2003 Feature

2003 Self Learning Assessment (May 01, 2003)

by Oral Health

The SLSA program is based on current, referenced literature and consists of 40 questions, answers, rationales and references. Answers appear at the end of each quiz. Dentists who complete the 15 question quiz in the November, 2003 issue of Oral

May 1, 2003 Feature

Letters (May 01, 2003)

by Oral Health

Re: Viewpoint, Dr. Janice Goodman, March, 2003 I just finished reading the editorial from Dr. Goodlin and your Viewpoint. The following comments are intended to provide you with insight and hopefully another point of view that will enlighten you in

May 1, 2003 Feature

Infection Control: Hand Hygiene

by Oral Health

In October 2002, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published its updated “Guideline for Hand Hygiene in Health-Care Settings.” Based mainly on hospital-derived data, the document provides workers in all healthcare settings with a scientific review, specific recommendations

FIGURE 11--Temporary cement trick for no high spots and minimal cleanup.
May 1, 2003 Feature

Cosmetic Dentistry: Provisional Crowns – A Simple Technique

by Dr. Elliot Mechanic, DDS

Sometimes what appears obvious to one person is not always obvious to another. The technique we use in our practice to fabricate single unit temporary crowns is often cited by dentists attending my lectures and hands on courses as a