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RDHU Celebrates 10 Years!

November 22, 2019
by Kathleen Bokrossy RDH

I’ve been blessed to have an extraordinary support team of friends, family and colleagues who have helped me with every step of our mission, to help ‘Transform the Dental Hygiene Experience’, for the Clinician, the Client and the Practice.


It is with this mission in mind that has led me on my quest to create a platform that helps get dental hygienists engaged, by reminding them of the importance of our profession and to love what they do. By continuing to learn, grow and implement change in our practice, it not only improves our client care; but also, keeps us engaged, allows us to give back while living a fulfilled and happy life!


We can all feel ‘stuck’ from time to time, but if one is to truly live their life with intention and make every day matter, by making every appointment unique to that specific client, we can get off the hamster wheel and really make a difference.

On Thursday, September 26th, we celebrated rdhu’s 10 Year Anniversary in the most beautiful venue ~ The Rock Gardens, at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Waterdown, Ontario. The love and support that was shown that evening absolutely blew me away.

I am really thrilled to announce that we re-launched our ever-popular talk show, The RDH View on this night as well! We have two new cast members and are excited to take this show on-the-road.


Thank you to our Corporate Partners who helped make this evening happen. Many of you came from quite a distance and we appreciate it so much. The dedication of the people who work for these companies goes above and beyond what is expected of them. It is in part because of their commitment and hard work that helps keep advancements happening in our profession; which in turn, helps us in our every day practice. So, to Bisco, Crest & Oral B, Oral Science, Germiphene, Synca, PDT, WinTerra, OraVital, 3M, Dentsply and Ivoclar Vivadent (who sponsored our photo booth #optragatefun). Thank you from myself, my team and all of our members for your commitment to our profession and for supporting rdhu along the way. We appreciate you, your hard work, your commitment and all of your products and services that you provide us with.

To all of the Associations and regulatory bodies that have worked with/or corresponded with rdhu, from coast-to-coast from the beginning, thank you. We appreciate working with you and your valuable input on what we can offer to help support dental hygienists to elevate the profession.


To our presenters and Key Opinion Leaders who are constantly learning and sharing their wealth of knowledge and skills with our members. Thank you for the endless hours that take you to research and put your programs together and for all the ‘extras’ you do! I am so fortunate to work with these beautiful intelligent and inspiring ladies. You know the saying, ‘You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” I am honoured to have you and many of our members in my circle.

And a big thank you to our members who were able to share the evening with us at the RBG and also online via Facebook. If you missed the event, it is available on rdhu’s Facebook page. We are so fortunate to have an incredible community not only across the country, but from around the globe. Together, we will continue to elevate our profession and make an impact on oral and overall health. Thank you for your continued support, whether it be through our Video-Based Learning through ‘Dental Hygiene Quarterly’, or attending a hands-on workshop at our boutique CE facility in Ontario or if you have invited us for an on-the-road event in your city or province. Thank you for continuing to look for ways to improve your practice, to keep you engaged no matter where you live and to continue to strive to provide optimal care.



And to Oral Heath ~ Oral Hygiene publications, thank you for attending our special event, and for inviting me to be a frequent author of your esteemed publication. I would love to encourage all of our readers/members to ‘Think Outside the Tray’ and about perhaps writing something for this publication. What interests you? Do the research and share your findings. There is so much more that we can do besides working in our ‘regular’ practice, whatever that may be. Step outside your comfort zone and go for it! The world is at your fingertips. We all have a unique ability and something special to share.

I encourage you to discover what yours is and share it! Please always feel free to reach out to me, kathleen@rdhu.ca I would be happy to support you.

With much appreciation,

Kathleen Bokrossy, RDH

About the Author

Kathleen Bokrossy RDH is the president of ‘rdhu’, a professional development company, which provides team events, hands-on programs and online learning (Dental Hygiene Quarterly). Her vision is to help ‘Transform the Dental Hygiene Experience’ for dental hygienists, practices and clients.