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Re: The Cover, Oral Health, April, 2007

June 1, 2007
by Oral Health

I am writing concerning the April 2007 cover of Oral Health. Dentistry is a health profession and as such certain standards need to be met with our professional journals. I feel that the April 2007 cover failed to meet these standards. No doubt that Miss. Karaca (Miss Turkey 2003) is a very beautiful woman with a dazzling smile. However, her smile is not the first thing you notice at first glance. This cover is would be great if you had just the head shot, otherwise this picture belongs on the cover of Maxim, not a leading dental journal.

Dr. Sherri Schwartz



Who was daft enough to put this ridiculous picture on the cover of Oral Health, April 2007? I’m insulted and embarrassed for my profession. How can I respect the judgement of what goes into the magazine if this goes on the outside?

Dr. Suzanne Otterson

Port Alberni, BC

I just received the April issue and was quite shocked and dismayed at the cover. I have always considered the Journal to be a reputable and professional publication. I don’t find that the cover of a young woman with her breast cleavage showing portrays a sincere cover that reflects the professionalism of dentistry.

All four dentists and staff of 10 in our office had similar views. I hope Oral Health will be more considerate in the future selection of Journal covers. The Journal is entitled ‘Oral Health’. Maybe we can reflect on that title and select more appropriate and dentally-related covers in the future.

Dr. K. Johal, Dr. S. Kemal. Dr. D. Zrnic


I just received my copy of the esthetic issue: it looks fabulous and the cover is striking, great choice! My husband mentioned that it looks like a ‘Got Milk?’ ad without the moustache.

It is truly an honour to be featured in such a respected journal (‘Lifting du sourire’ Rajeunissement instantane, simple et conservateur, April 2007, page 67). I have already received a call from a dentist who read the article and wanted more information on my technique.

Thank you for delivering such a great issue.

Dr. Daniele Larose

Saint-Laurent, Quebec

Wow! You know how to get attention for the Oral Health Journal… fantastic job! Congratulations.

Dr. Len Boksman

London, ON

When I received the April issue my immediate reaction was one of anger. I was considering ignoring the blatant sexism as typical, but I find I cannot.

The dental profession deserves an explanation as to what the photograph of this young woman, from the neck down, has to do with oral health.

I attended dental school in the early 1970s and tolerated daily discrimination and sexism. More than 30 years later the dental profession has not changed, subjecting women in dentistry to profound disrespect, marginalization, trivialization and discrimination.

Shame on everyone associated with this publication. You owe all the capable and intelligent women who are a part of the dental profession an apology.

Hermina Richter, DDS

Breslau, ON

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