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Rest Assured Your Patients Are Insured (And Ready To Use It)

October 8, 2019
by Oral Health

Don’t underestimate the willingness of your patients when it comes to dental insurance. Most patients have it (more than you think) and if presented with a treatment that would be covered, even partially, are willing to use it. Open the dialogue around the topic, whether it’s you, your office manager or front desk staff, to reinforce in the patient’s mind that you are looking out for them in more ways than just their oral health.

Regardless of whether your patients want or understand a treatment, they’re willing to move forward if their dental insurance will cover even part of the cost. Your patients are willing to visit your office more frequently if they know it will be covered. Use this information to discuss insurance in conversations around their oral health and upkeep. Patients are willing to use their insurance, so make sure they know how.


More importantly, make sure you know how, or hire someone who does. Over one third of dentists agree that dealing with insurance companies is a large challenge they face in running their practice. Most dentists don’t have time to take a course in insurance management, or to understand the ins and outs of companies and their policies. If this sounds like you, consider having a staff member trained to be your resident expert, or hire someone with training and education in the field.

This may sound like an investment you’re not sure is worth the money, but rest assured the ease your patients will feel knowing they can trust your office to handle their insurance company and offer them the best they can get while receiving the best treatment they can get (from you) will enforce loyalty
and possibly even referrals.

Patients are willing to use the insurance they have, so encourage them to! If a patient needs a procedure, figure out the best way to utilize the coverage they receive and watch how their comfort level with you and the recommended treatment rises. Of course, they may feel anxious about the treatment itself, but knowing that it isn’t going to pull from their savings will make the experience a slightly brighter one, and most likely ensure they come back to you in the future.

The benefits of understanding your patients’ benefits will see not only happier patients walking through your door more frequently, but see your practice succeed and grow
a positive reputation.

Data Driven Dentistry

*Between February and March 2018, RKI, a third party independent research house, conducted a 10-minute online survey of active, practicing non-hospital affiliated dentists and dental specialists on behalf of Oral Health. Using Oral Health’s subscription list, a total of 398 dentists participated in the study (with 219 completing the survey to the end). Assuming a total of 20,000 dentists in Canada (and 398 total completes) the margin of error for the survey is +/- 4.86, 95% CI.

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