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At the Root: Happy New Year, 2017 Edition

January 5, 2017
by Catherine Wilson

As many of you know, Fall, 2011 saw the 100th anniversary of Oral Health, the publication for all practicing dentists in Canada, as well as 3rd and 4th year dental students and dental labs.

That first issue was sent to 500 subscribers: it now reaches close to 22,000. It was an immediate success; advertisers and readers approved. And while that very first cover in January, 1911 noted, “A journal devoted to the interests of the dental profession and oral hygiene,” we are fully aware of the importance of oral hygiene and dental hygienists. For the past five years we’ve been publishing OralHygiene magazine, designed to bring the best clinical and educational articles to readers. And since the mid-’80s, Oral Health Office, (previously Dental Practice Management), covers a range of topics to help dentists deal with the business side of their profession.


The success of our proudly independent flagship publication is the direct result of our commitment to serve our readers the best content on techniques, products and theories from around the world.

There are many ways to reach our readers, too. In 2016 our website, oralhealthgroup.com, virtually exploded with new content, from the traditional content of the magazine to web-exclusive features, news, products, editorial videos, booth videos, blogs and events calendar.

In 2016, we attended tradeshows and conferences from Vancouver, Montreal, Chicago, Las Vegas, New York, Florida and Denver. This year, we’ll again attend the world’s largest dental show, IDS in Cologne, Germany.

I take personal pride in two of our teammates because in 2016, my friend and boss, Melissa Summerfield, was named vice-president, Operations for our company, Newcom Business Media and Tony Burgaretta, senior sales manager for the dental group, just won Salesperson of the Year at the year-end Christmas party.

Beginning with the issue you’re holding, this ‘back page’ is taking on a new role; rather than ending Karen Shaw’s huge Dental Marketplace section (which will just start a page earlier!) The ‘At The Root’ page will be written by you! It may be deadly serious, wickedly funny, or just plain topical. If you have a point of view or know someone who has and should be read by Canadian dentists…here’s your chance to put your name forward or that special someone. Each month will be composed by a different contributor so it will be no one person’s podium.

Contact me at: Catherine@newcom.ca and let’s start talking.