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March 1, 2011
by Oral Health

Dr. Jodi Monaghan and her hygienist Nicole Spaling of Lethbridge, AB., took part in a dental relief mission organized and run by Project LACE (loving abandoned children everywhere) in Cambodia. On January 5th, 2011, Dr. Jodi, Nicole, and 18 other medical professionals headed to Cambodia … Dr. Jodi being the only dentist on the mission. There were eight doctors, one dentist, one hygienist, a minister, four nurses, and four other volunteers whose help made this mission possible. The trip leader was David Kang, who is the founder and CEO of Project LACE, which is based out of California.

During their stay, they helped more than 2,000 Cambodian people, all from different parts of the country. They visited remote locations that took hours to get to. Dr. Jodi extracted more than 200 teeth, while Nicole assisted with administering anesthetic, as well as O.H.I. They had the best intentions going over to help and educate, however, as there is no clean water readily available; brushing teeth is not a prime concern. Their daily concerns are heavily weighted to eating.


You can visit Project LACE’s website at www.projectlace.org for more information. Also, Dr. Jodi accepts donations through KINDESS IN ACTION, an organization primarily concerned with oral health. Its website is www.kindnessinaction.ca.

You can also visit Dr. Monaghan’s website at www.dentistry-with-a- womans-touch.com.